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Physical Education Intent

At Lark Rise Academy we aim to develop every child’s physical literacy through high quality PE which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle allowing children to develop their confidence and resilience as well as their negotiation and communication skills. We recognise that PE is an important part of the curriculum to support children’s social, emotional and mental health as well as their physical health. We value children’s sporting achievements both in and out of school and work hard to celebrate these within our school community. We are passionate in ensuring that all our children achieve their full potential in life by delivering high quality teaching and providing them with a wide range of opportunities to excel in PE and sport. Our curriculum provides children with 2 hours of PE per week plus opportunities for physical brain breaks throughout the day where we use Imoves to keep children active and focussed on their learning. We use the Primary PE planning scheme and feedback from the children to help us map a broad range of sports across the year groups to ensure that there is progression of skills. 

PE at Lark Rise promotes the following 6 values through sport which we feel are important for children across the whole curriculum  and vital for their success in the future.


Physical Education  Progression Document