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Penguins Class

Class News Autumn Term 2022


Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the first class email for Penguins class as we start a brand new school year. There is going to be such much to look forward to over the coming weeks and months and I am excited to be working with your children alongside the other members of staff in Key Stage One.

I am sure your children have spoken with you about lots of the things we have been doing but I can expand on that so you know what we will be focusing on throughout the coming weeks. Firstly, the children had an amazing first week in school after what sounds like a lovely summer break for all. They were all keen to share their experiences and adventures with the class, which was a lovely way to get to know each other. I must say I am so impressed with how well the Year 1 children have settled into life in Key Stage One and mostly with a big smile on their faces! There will, of course, be times when school life can feel overwhelming to the children, but I can assure you that once the day has started, the children soon settle and enjoy the opportunities throughout the day. I have loved being able to get to know them over the first two weeks and I am excited to be their class teacher for the year ahead.

We started as we mean to go on with going straight into our Read Write Inc (phonics and English groups) and you should have received a letter explaining what group your child is in and how the reading books are organised. The children are familiar with the routines of these lessons so were able to get stuck in straight away which was amazing. We also organised the children into their Mathematics groups at the end of the first week. This may mean that they move from room to room throughout the mornings and work with other adults; Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Westrope, Miss Slough, Miss Doherty or Miss Cross. The children soon know the routines and are familiar with where they need to go and when. 

We have also started to think about the curriculum in other subject areas with our brand new topics, which has been great. Our focus in Geography for this half term is ‘Animals around the world’ which involves learning the seven continents of the world, the five oceans, looking at the climate and how animals adapt to their environment, learning about hibernation and migration and focusing on animals native to each continent. We have navigated our way around a world map and atlas to identify some of the places we will ‘visit’ in our lessons. 

Dinosaurs are the focus of our learning in History and this is always a popular topic with children being thoroughly engaged in their learning about the great beasts that roamed the world long before us. We will identify dinosaurs from different periods; identifying where they lived and how we know about them through the discovery of fossils and bones. We will also learn about a significant person from the past – Mary Anning and all that she discovered in England.

Art and Design Technology topics will run throughout the whole term, so right up to Christmas with Art looking at ‘Animal art’ and developing skills with sketching, shading and patterns. We have already had a go at sketching animals native to Britain. In Design and Technology we will be spending our time exploring mechanisms (levers and sliders) to create moving pictures. 

Our PE sessions are planned around the children having two full hours a week (due to timetabling the use of the Hall your child’s two sessions may be on the same day; as per the stickers they received last Friday). We have an amazing sports coach; Miss Klausner who is working with the children in some of these sessions to develop ball skills and Indoor Athletics. 

Each week we award Perfect Penguin on a Friday to someone in the class to take home for the week. This is given to someone who has worked incredibly hard all week, overcome difficulties or gone above and beyond to support those around them. Last week’s winner was Reggie and this week is Annabelle.

So as you can imagine there are many things happening in school already and lots more to come. Well done to all of the children for all they have achieved already in the past two weeks – they have all been incredible. I hope you have a lovely restful weekend with your families.

Love from Mrs Hartley, Mrs Braithwaite and Miss Doherty xx