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Peacocks Class

Class News Autumn Term 2022


Dear Parents and Carers, 

Welcome to the first Peacocks Class email of the academic year! I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday…I can’t believe we are already at the end of our second week. We have been very busy indeed! 

The children have settled in extremely well to their new classes. Throughout our first week back we spent a lot of time getting to know each other, reminding ourselves of the rules and routines and taking the time to get to know Lower Key Stage Two and our new year groups and classes a little more. 

During our first week, we enjoyed assemblies with Mrs Lang, where she talked to us about returning to school and we were also reminded of the school rules and the array of rewards we can earn in school. Children have enjoyed collecting their stickers and house points already this fortnight; they have all worked very hard indeed! 

We have also been agreeing our class rules, these are now displayed in the classroom and children have been demonstrating their understanding of these by displaying exemplary behaviour this week. Well done everyone; you have all been working hard on this.  

We were so impressed with all of the fantastic summer reading work completed too. Thank you for your support with this. It has been wonderful to hear about the range of tasks you completed together. The children have loved discussing the book ‘Nim’s Island’ and we have completed some further tasks related to this excellent text. Children particularly enjoyed further research on the ocean habitat and they loved creating their very own islands, along with some amazing writing! Alongside this text, we have continued with another class reading book called ‘Whale Watchers’. This excellent book has also provided further opportunities to consider the impact of climate change and pollution on our oceans. We love reading in Lower Key Stage Two and this has been a fantastic start to our studies on a range of books.  

Children have also begun their English and Maths lessons and children should now be aware of which teachers they have for each subject. Children enjoyed selecting their new reading books from our library and we are pleased to see that they are sharing these at home with you too. 

In English we have also started our new book, ‘Iron Man’. On Thursday we discovered a range of metal items at the bottom of a hill in the school grounds and children were able to make excellent predictions about what may have caused these items to be there. We then discovered that the nuts, bolts and metal may have belonged to the iron man! We can’t wait to find out more about the story and this interesting character. 

We have also started our new learning about Forces in Science. In History we will be learning about the history of our local area and in Geography we will be further developing our understanding of maps and the local area. The children are so excited to find out more about these topics. We will be completing a walk in the local area this half term too. More information will follow about this. 

We were impressed with the children’s excellent behaviour on our first trip to the leisure centre for our weekly swimming lessons; as were the staff at the leisure centre. Well done children, we know you are going to enjoy these weekly trips. 

Along with the rest of the world, we were all saddened to hear of the Queen’s death last week. Children explored the story ‘There once is a queen’ by Michael Morpurgo to prompt discussions about the amazing life of Queen Elizabeth II. This week we watched some of the historical procession of the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to lying-in-state. The children asked excellent questions and learnt so much about the monarchy through our observing of this historical event. 

A big well done to our Peacocks of the week for the last two weeks: Lucas and Emily W.  

Our handwriting heroes and heroines this fortnight were Felicia, Jenson, Cody and Chloe F; well done on some beautiful handwriting children!

Here are a few other useful reminders for you: 

  • Everyone in LKS2 has PE on a Tuesday and should come into school in their PE kits

Miss Spokes’ English group (Macaws English) have their second PE slot on a Monday

Mrs Waterman’s English group (Peacocks English) have their second PE slot on a Tuesday morning

Mrs Shilvock’s English group (Red Kites English) have their second PE slot on a Friday

  • Please remember to send your child into school wearing their PE kit on these days

  • Year 4 children that would like to be considered for an ambassador role should complete their speeches ready to share in assembly on Tuesday, as per the email sent earlier this week 

  • Maths homework has been set for your child on MyMaths for this week. A letter with login information can be found in their book bags. 

  • You will have also received an email detailing homework arrangements for this year. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, 

Mrs Waterman and Miss Clark ☺  


Dear Parents and Carers,

What a busy couple of weeks we have had with so many fantastic learning opportunities! The children have worked incredibly hard and have settled into the daily routines in class; we couldn’t be prouder.

In Mathematics, the children have continued to develop their understanding of Place Value. It has been wonderful to see the children grow in confidence and use their reasoning skills to explain their answers. This is an area we will continue to develop over the course of the year.

The children have also logged onto Times Tables Rocks Stars in school. Thank you for encouraging regular use of this at home too. This helps the children recall their times tables facts quickly and accurately. This is incredibly important and will help the children in all aspects of their mathematical learning!

In our English lessons, we have begun to explore our new book, ‘The Iron Man’. We have been using our VIPERS skills to build our understanding of the text. We have explored new vocabulary using dictionaries and developed our inference skills; all of which has helped us develop a better understanding of the characters. We especially enjoyed bringing the characters to life by using a drama method, hot seating. Some of our children gave an award-winning performance as the characters of Hogarth and Hogarth’s father!

In our science learning, we have enjoyed conducting a range of science experiments. Last week, the children explored why some surfaces can stop you from slipping. The children were able to conclude that the force in action is friction! This week, the children explored magnets by categorising magnetic and non-magnetic objects. We found out that not all metals are magnetic! We can’t wait to continue to explore forces and magnets in the coming weeks.

We have continued our learning about the local area in History and Geography. The children have especially enjoyed exploring pictures of Dunstable from the 1800-1900s. We have also delved into the world of animation in Computing. The children have begun to create their own animation and are very excited to program this using Scratch on the Chromebooks.

A huge well done to the wonderful Year 4 children who courageously delivered their ambassador speeches in front of the whole school last week. This was a magical moment and one I was proud to see. Our children have been busy learning about democracy and voting for their chosen ambassador using the Lark Rise Polling Station. Congratulations to our new ambassadors!

A big well done to our Peacocks of the week for the last two weeks: Athena and Emily D.

Our handwriting heroes and heroines this fortnight were Zain, Oliver, Rosalie and Ellie R; well done on some beautiful handwriting children!

A reminder that this week’s homework has been set on MyMaths. Your children already have their logins for this website. 

Finally, it is very important that your child brings their Accelerated Reader reading book into school every day. We have a daily slot that is dedicated to Reading and completing quizzes on our books at 8.45am, when the children enter the classroom . Therefore, we also ask you to ensure that your children are in school promptly so that they can take part in this important part of the day. This is also when they will be able to change their books. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend; we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Mrs Waterman, Miss Clark and Miss Asghar  


Dear Parents and Carers,

As we approach the end of the very first half term of the academic year, we are reflecting on how much we have achieved and learnt in this time! We really enjoyed sharing how your child has settled in, when we met with you all at the Learning Review Meetings. We hope that you found these useful, alongside the targets that have also been sent home.

All children in LKS2 have also had their Times Tables heat maps sent home too. Again, we hope this will be useful for you to be able to support your child acquiring these facts quickly and accurately. Just to reiterate that a red or orange colour on the heat map doesn’t necessarily mean a child does not know that times table fact. The colours relate to the accurate and quick recall, so it may be that your child needs to be quicker in the recall of that particular fact.

The key to turning those heat maps green is daily practice on the TTR app! You may have heard all about our TTR ‘Hall of Fame’ in LKS2…we also have further incentives for participation and use of this app including certificates and further competitions!

The children are also doing very well with our new spelling lessons in school. The children are really enjoying their spelling investigations; becoming spelling detectives and explaining the rules they have been discovering. Amazing work! A reminder that all of the focus spellings are added to Literacy Planet each fortnight. Children can then log on to play a range of spelling games that focus on these words.

Each morning, the children have the opportunity to read, change books and complete Accelerated Reader quizzes. A reminder that this slot begins at 8.45am, so we encourage you to ensure your child is in school promptly as this reading slot is extremely beneficial for their reading progress.

We have had a very exciting fortnight in exploring and learning about forces and magnets. Children enjoyed completing an investigation into whether the size and shape of a magnet affected the strength of the magnetic force. Children are working hard in writing up and sharing their findings.

We have also had visitors and visits that have provided the ‘magic moments’ which are so special and important in bringing learning to life for the children. All children enjoyed our visit from Dominique from SCARF who delivered PSHE workshops to children. The children responded sensibly and thoughtfully to a range of questions and scenarios posed to them and their behaviour was exemplary. Well done children!

This week we received a visit from Central Bedfordshire’s Road Safety team, where we explored the importance of being safe when near a road. We talked about the green cross code, being a sensible (and non-distracting) passenger, hazards and respectful use of the road in busy areas; such as the school area! The children, once again, thought carefully about the rules and guidance in these sessions and asked some excellent questions.

Finally, today we embarked upon a truly amazing ‘magic moment’ as we completed a local history walk. This was a wonderful end to our History and Geography learning on the local area. The children thoroughly enjoyed following a map, spotting landmarks and discovering lesser known historic facts along the way. A big thank you to the parents who accompanied us on this trip; we really appreciate your time and help!

A big well done to our Peacocks of the week for the last two weeks: Shreya and Ella.

Our handwriting heroes and heroines this fortnight were Dani, William, Mille and Sunny; well done on some beautiful handwriting children!

A reminder that this week’s homework has been set on MyMaths. Your children already have their logins for this website.

I hope you have a lovely weekend; we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Mrs Waterman, Miss Clark and Miss Asghar  


Dear Parents and Carers,

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after half term. They have come back excited to tell us about the activities they have taken part in over the holiday and keen to start all of our new learning.

In our English lessons we have introduced the children to the key text that we will be reading.  It is a fantastic book called ‘Varjak Paw’ written by S F Said. This week we have used our inference skills to make predictions about what we think is going to happen in the book.  We looked carefully at the front cover of the book for clues before making our predictions and we look forward to seeing if our predictions are correct. After reading chapters 1 and 2, the children are already hooked on the book and we cannot wait to see what is going to happen next!

In our Maths lessons we are finishing off our learning about ‘Addition and Subtraction’. The children have worked so hard during this topic and we are so proud of the progress that they have made.  We have learnt how important it is to understand place value of numbers and neat presentation of our work so that we can layout a column addition or subtraction method carefully to support us reaching the correct answer.  

We continue to work daily on our times table knowledge through the use of TT Rock Stars.  Regular use of this app is so important as it supports the children with so many aspects of their Maths learning.  Please continue to encourage your child to access this app from home on a daily basis. We love celebrating their successes in school for TT Rock Stars and the children are always excited to see if they have made it into our TT Rock Stars hall of fame display.  This could be for being the most improved, fastest time, most accurate or effort.

After our very successful trip to Dunstable before half term, the children were able to show us just how much they had learnt about the history and geography of our town by producing a double page spread in their books … we were so impressed! They could recall so many different facts and so much information about our town and they chose to present their knowledge in such creative ways. It was wonderful to hear the children sharing their knowledge with each other and talking so confidently about what we had learnt.  Well done children.

For our Geography learning this term we are looking forward to finding out all about the country of Brazil and in our History learning we will be learning about the Normans. Our lessons this week have already captured the interest of the children and we can’t wait to explore these two exciting topics in detail over the coming weeks.

Our Science learning this term is based around the big idea that ‘All items in the Universe are made from very small particles’. We will be exploring the different states of matter and have some wonderful experiments that we will be completing to support our understanding of the topic. We began our learning journey this week by identifying the different states of matter – solids, liquids and gases – and then working together in small groups to sort a variety of materials and objects.  There were some fantastic discussions taking place as the children worked collaboratively to complete the task they had been set.

We are looking forward to taking part in some national events over the coming weeks and would like to give you some advanced notice about some dress-up days:

  • Friday 18th November is Children in Need Day.  Children have been invited to come to school wearing spots for this day. There is also the SPOTACULAR competition taking place where the children have the opportunity to design and create their own piece of spotty clothing or accessories.

  • 14th – 18th November we will be joining with schools from across the country to celebrate Maths Week. We have many exciting events that will be taking place in school during this week.  To finish this week off we would like to invite the children to come to school on Monday 20th November dressed as a rock star and we will be performing times table songs that we have learnt to the whole school.

As you can see, we have been so busy during our first week back and we can’t wait to carry on with all of our wonderful learning opportunities over the coming weeks. Can we please ask you to regularly check your child’s pencil case to ensure that they have the equipment that they need to complete their learning in school.

Well done to our recent Peacocks of the Week: Gracjan and Dani.

Congratulations to the Handwriting Heroes and Heroines: Thomas, Damian, Harleigh and Annabel.

Finally, a big well done to all of the children who completed their wonderful acts of kindness as part of our reflection on the key messages of Black History Month. We look forward to sharing these with the whole class over the coming weeks. If your child has not uploaded this to Google Classroom yet, the assignment is still open for you to be able to do this. 

Homework this week will be set on MyMaths. 

We hope that you have a lovely weekend and that you enjoy any firework displays that you may be going to see.

Mrs Waterman, Miss Asghar and Miss Clark ☺


Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had such a busy couple of weeks full of fun and exciting learning opportunities! I am sure you have heard about some of the highlights.

This week, we have celebrated not one event, but three different events: Anti-Bullying Week, Maths Week and Children in Need. The children were really excited to come in on Monday with their odd socks. In the assembly, we learnt about the importance of wearing these socks: to celebrate the difference and uniqueness of us all. We continued to explore what the word ‘bullying’ means in our classes and found out how we can reach out to others to ensure we are all included. The children were especially keen on sharing their different ideas on how to reach out, with lots explaining the importance of just being kind… Well done children.

To celebrate Maths Week in LKS2, we have managed to get the children working for Lark Rise Pounds! LKS2 transformed into a job centre on Monday with children having the opportunity to apply for a variety of important positions. These included security, bankers, researchers, coaches and most importantly, HR, for those payment disputes! The children were able to undertake their roles during playtimes to earn their money which they will be able to spend on an array of rewards. This has been especially important for our learning and has shown the children the value of money in the wider world.

Today was SPOTacular, and the children looked fantastic with their spotty clothing to celebrate Children in Need. We started off with an excellent assembly from Mrs Hartley who explained the importance of raising money for this well deserving charity. We continued this learning in our classrooms where we took part in Moodboosters, which have helped us learn about the importance of looking after ourselves and our mental health.

Over the past two weeks we have continued to read Varjak Paw in our English lesson and what an amazing book it is so far! The children are truly captivated by the book and have had excellent discussions. We have defined different vocabulary and looked into how this adds meaning to the story, explored the new character Holly and began to describe the different settings. The children have also undertaken their Accelerated Reader tests which will give them an updated reading level to select new books from the library. It is so important to continue encouraging the children to read these at home and question them on the events in their books to support their comprehension!

In Maths, we have been learning our times tables in the multiplication and division unit. The children have discovered a variety of patterns in the times tables which will help them recall them with ease. This is especially important and will help them in accessing all areas of Maths. We have also been learning our Maths Times Table song ready for our official performance next week. Feel free to ask the children to practise this at home to help them unleash their true rock star potential in the assembly.

Who knew you could observe the water cycle using a zip lock bag? In Science, we have undertaken an investigation by filling a bag with blue dyed water and taping it to our windows. The children have explored what has happened to the water over the past week. We have come to the conclusion that the water evaporated, turning into water vapour, and then the process of condensation occurred which turned the vapour back into water droplets. We have learnt that water can never be used up and continues through the different stages of the water cycle! Well done on some excellent learning children.

In Geography, we have begun to learn about Brazil and have located the country on a map! We turned into researchers and using the Chromebooks, created a fact file all about Brazil. This included locating the capital, discovering the population and finding out the different foods they eat. We will continue to explore more about Brazil over the coming weeks, which will eventually lead to our ‘Brazil Day’ close to the end of term. More information will follow on this shortly.

The children have really enjoyed our learning in History. We have explored the events leading up to the Normans. In particular, we looked into the epic battles between the three contenders to the throne in 1066: Harald, Harold and William. With William the Conqueror defeating his opponent in the Battle of Hastings, we explored the importance of the Bayeux Tapestry and how it tells this story. We will continue to discover more about life as a Norman over the next few weeks.

Well done to the Peacocks of the week, Ellie M and Sunny. Our handwriting heroes and heroines are Lucas, Jenson, Rosalie and Isla T. Well done for working hard on your handwriting!

Just a quick reminder of some important information:

  •  To finish Maths week off we would like to invite the children to come to school on Monday 20th November dressed as a rock star and we will be performing times table songs that we have learnt to the whole school.
  • Homework will be on MyMaths this week.
  • As always, please continue to encourage the children to use TT Rock stars daily at home. This will support the children in all areas of Maths. They may even appear in our TT Rock star Hall of Fame!

We hope you have an amazing weekend, and look forward to seeing the children on Monday!

Mrs Waterman, Miss Asghar and Miss Clark :-)