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Owls Class

Class News Autumn Term 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to our first Owls and Robins class email of the year.

We cannot begin to express just how proud we are of all the children! After such a long period of time away from school, they are coming into their new environment and meeting their new friends with such eagerness; which is a delight to see. We wanted to reassure you even if there are a few tears and nerves at the door, by the time they are over the threshold, the tears disappear! Such amazing children!


To make sure that we are all safe and happy in the classroom we have some classroom rules that we are all learning. Here are some of the rules.

·We walk in the classroom.

·We sit with our legs crossed and our hands in our laps.

·We listen to each other.

·We play nicely together.

·We share our toys.

·We use kind words to each other.

·We use our indoor voices.

·We put up our hand if we want to talk in the group.

We also have some whole school rules to help us within our bubbles. These include telling an adult if we feel unwell, we will keep our distance from others, we will ‘catch it, bin it, kill it.’

You would be so proud of the children and how they are working so hard to achieve them!


This week we have been completing a whole school project around a book ‘Here we are’. We focused on looking at the front cover initially which showed a picture of Earth. The children were fascinated when we transferred this learning to looking at Google Earth. We identified the land and sea and as we came closer and closer to Earth we could see above our school and particularly our classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the globe and identifying countries around the world.

We have also enjoyed PE this week. We were super impressed with all of the children’s listening skills; recognising when to stop, go and try to move in different ways.

A fantastic week of learning!



·Barnaby and Bethany bear (our class bears) are starting their journey’s home to you! One child will be chosen, at random to take the bears home for the weekend, (unless you know of something exciting that you might be doing and you can let us know!) All we ask is that you email office@larkrise.com to give a brief outline of your weekend adventures and any photos that we can show on the big screen in the classroom. Thank you so much for making this part of our class a huge success.

·Please remember to send your child’s water bottle into school daily, filled with water only.

·Please ensure that the reading folder remains in your child’s book bag with both the reading book and reading record inside, on a daily basis.

·Next week the children will be choosing a library book to take home and share with you. They will choose them on a Wednesday and then please return them following Wednesday.


Thank you for a great start to the Reception class. We wish you a very lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Best Wishes

Miss Hazell, Miss Swan, Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Gash, Mrs Caswell, Mrs Kenyon and Ms Bhogal.




Dear Parents/ Carers,
Here in Owls and Robins classes we have enjoyed another busy fortnight of wonderful learning!

Last week we welcomed two new temporary additions to reception class. They happened to be a little squeaky, very furry and enjoyed munching carrots. Can you guess who they were? Yes! It was Candy and Floss; our two school pet guinea pigs. The children very much enjoyed seeing them and watching them in their cages, playing with their toys and listening to their little squeaks. We all look forward to welcoming them back into reception next time!

This week, we introduced our new theme of autumn. The children learnt about the four seasons and when autumn begins. We discussed and observed the physical changes that take place outside such as the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. Following this the children were very enthused to go on a mini autumn walk around our outside area to find signs of autumn. It was magical to see the children’s wonder and excitement upon finding something that signified autumn was here. The children are certainly good at collecting leaves!

Other autumn learning included investigating pouring and emptying conkers into various beakers. We were so impressed with the children’s capacity language they were using during their play. Other activities included creating leaf pictures in the style of the ‘Leaf Man’ story, exploring colour through mixing and printing with paint to decorate leaves and trees and rolling conkers down tubes and experimenting with different heights to see if it affected the speed/length it travelled. We also read the story of ‘Little Acorn’ which aided our understanding of autumn and nature further by telling the story of what happened to a little acorn that fell from an oak tree. Can your child recall any of the story and events?

What a busy week we have enjoyed! Next week the whole school will be taking part in ‘National Biology Week’ so we are all looking forward to completing some more interesting and exciting learning!

Congratulations to:
Baine, Harriet, Ella, Callan, Maisey and Oliver for winning Owl and Robin of the week over the past few weeks!

Please could you ensure:

*Water bottles come into EVERY day and are filled with water
*ALL school uniform including PE kits are clearly named. On this note, please could you check your child’s PE zipped up front hoody jumpers as we have one child whose jumper is missing. If the missing jumper could be brought into school that would be super!

*Homework is returned by WEDNESDAY
*Lastly, that reading records are signed at least once a week. This indicates to us that your child has read with you at home and that they are ready to have their book changed. Books will be changed more frequently than this providing an adult has commented in the reading record.

Thank you in advance in all of the above.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,
Miss Swan, Miss Hazel, Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Gash, Mrs Caswell, Mrs Kenton and Ms Bhogal




Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to our class email.


Thank you so much for attending the learning review meetings yesterday. It was lovely to ‘meet’ you virtually and share how well the children have settled and their targets in reading, writing and maths. The targets have been placed in your child’s book bags with a letter formation sheet and grapheme mat showing the order in which the phonemes are taught, to support your child with any writing tasks.


We have had some wonderful learning experiences over the past fortnight including Biology week, some bread and a mysterious door appearing in the playground!

Last week was Biology week and the focus of the week was ‘Fungus’.  We learnt that there are good fungi and some that are not so good and could be poisonous. We chose to use a good fungus – yeast – to make some bread. After watching the yeast work its magic and bubble, the other ingredients were added. We left the dough to prove in a warm place and were super surprised when the bread doubled in size! We were so excited that after a short while, the bread came out of the oven and once it had cooled down, we tasted it.  It was yummy! We were so proud of ourselves and were pleased that we had used fungus in a very positive way.

We linked this learning to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. Our focus was to identify initial phonemes in words, write the correct grapheme and recall some words that rhyme. We are building up these skills and using them regularly in phonics and English sessions.


This week we were very shocked and surprised to find a door in the playground. This was no ordinary door! The door had red and white tape in a cross shape, signalling that there was no entry. There were bits of wood, leaves, a lock and what looked like a paw print with claw marks on it. It was all very strange but we had to use our imagination to find out what was beyond the door. We had some very interesting ideas including: a fairy world, tigers and lions, foxes and badgers and even a family having a tea party! The children excitedly talked about their ideas and were inspired to draw pictures and use their phonic knowledge to label their learning.

We have also started a mini theme of ‘Pirates’. This week our focus has been on the pirates themselves and pirate ships. We learnt about the different clothes that the pirates wear and why they wore lots of gold jewellery! The children have thoroughly enjoyed being creative; making masks, hats and puppets, talking like a pirate and in PE, pretending to be a pirate who walks the plank, scrubs the deck and climbs the riggings! We have enjoyed a variety of Pirates stories and will continue this learning next week too!



·Now that the cooler weather is upon us, please ensure your child’s name is on hats, scarves and gloves. We do encourage the children to ‘have a go’ at putting their sleeves the right way round independently, gloves in pockets and hats down our sleeves.

·You will have received an invite for Google Classroom for your child. Please accept the invite as learning tasks and some homework will be placed on here in the coming weeks. Thank you. If you haven’t received this as yet, please look out for it.

·Please look out for an email asking your permission for your child's work to published on the Pobble website. Following the success of previous years, we will continue to use this website to publish pieces of work and celebrate writing throughout the school year. It is a fantastic way of sharing your children's work with you, the school community and on a global platform!  It will only be published with your child's first name and age group.  If you click on the link in the email it will take you to the website and you can give permission for their work to be shared.


We wish you a very lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Best Wishes

Miss Hazell, Miss Swan, Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Gash, Mrs Caswell, Mrs Kenyon and Ms Bhogal.



Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back to the second half of the autumn term - the lead up to…. that’s right, CHRISTMAS!! Speaking of which, we really hope you love the children’s Christmas card design as much as we do. We think they have come out magnificently and will make ideal Christmas gifts or keepsakes for family and friends, so make sure you put in your orders (you will find a red FALLS box at the front of the school to place your orders) before 12th November.


We hope you enjoyed your half term holiday. The children returned to school with much enthusiasm and were keen to share their news of what they did. Together, we took part in a circle time activity where we took it in turns to explain our favourite part of the week. Following this we drew a picture and used our developing phonics knowledge to add a label. The adults were ever so impressed with the children’s improvement in hearing and identifying the initial and further sounds for the words they required and being able to form the matching graphemes (letters). Well done children! Please look out for examples of this work that have been published on Pobble today.


Also this week, we watched an interesting assembly from Miss Hazell who taught us about a special date that is celebrated by many people this month; the 5th November. Can your child explain to you why this date is so significant? From this input, the children showed their understanding of ‘Fireworks/Bonfire Night’ through completing various activities around the provision. Some children explored patterns and made repeated patterns using different fireworks, others created firework images using different media such as loose parts (beads, sequins, buttons, wool, etc) and explored colour by making painted images using different tools such as brushes, stamps and printing.


In PE (Physical Education) this week we explored fireworks through dance. To aid our interpretations we used colourful and sparkling streamers/ribbons to make creative shapes with our body actions. We pretended we were fireworks travelling through the night sky. The children discussed their favourite colours, sounds and effects the fireworks made and we tried really hard to use our bodies creatively to reflect our favourite ones. It was lovely to see the children enjoying using their firework props and moving their bodies so interestingly!



·Please can you check that ALL of your child’s uniform, including PE kits, hats/scarves/gloves are clearly named

·If you have not already accepted your child’s invite to join Google Classroom, please can this be done ASAP

·Homework for this week has been set on Education City

Thank you in advance for the above.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Miss Hazell, Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Gash, Mrs Caswell, Mrs Kenyon and Ms Bhogal




Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to our class email. We have had a fantastic fortnight of special learning tasks.


It was lovely to see you again at the learning review meetings for English and Maths, last week. We are so pleased with how the children are progressing towards their targets. Thank you for all of your help and support.


Last week was an incredibly busy week! It started with ‘Maths week’ where we thought about maths in our everyday lives. We chose to think about how we might use maths in the kitchen; using scales to weigh out ingredients to make a no-cook tray bake. The chocolate tiffin was a definite winner! We learnt how to read a recipe, use scales and understand how a solid can change to a liquid. Hopefully the lovely tiffin was enjoyed by all!


We celebrated Diwali – the Festival of Light; recalling the story of Rama and Sita and learning about the traditions of a wonderful festival. We were so excited to share the celebrations with some of the children in the class who were so keen and eager to share with us their preparations and what would be happening in their homes. Ms Bhogal showed us some of her beautiful sari’s and diva’s that she would be lighting. It was a truly special time and we are so grateful to have shared it with you all. Even Barnaby and Bethany bear were lucky enough to take part in the celebrations too! Thank you.


At the end of the week we thought about those children who are less fortunate than we are by raising some money for Children in Need. We joined in with Joe Wicks’ 24 hour workout challenge and were exhausted after it. It was great fun to be doing it together though.


This week has been ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. We had a lovely variety of odd socks and the children really understood the reason for wearing them. We have been focussing our learning on kindness, what it means to be kind and linked to this, what it means to be a good friend. The children shared some lovely ideas including giving someone a smile, helping them if they had fallen over, sharing toys and even sharing their sweets with their friend. Together we thought about superheroes and why they are special people. The children even became a superhero deciding on their own special superpower of kindness! It has been a very special week with everyone demonstrating kindness. We know that this will definitely continue!


Thank you for a great fortnight of learning.



·Homework this week is on Education City. We will log in next week to mark the learning completed.

·A reminder to please ensure that your child has their water bottle in school every day.


We wish you a very lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Best Wishes

Miss Hazell, Miss Swan, Mrs Braithwaite, Miss Gash, Mrs Caswell, Mrs Kenyon and Ms Bhogal.