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COVID-19 Update

5th January 2021 

Dear Parents and Carers 

Following the Government announcement last night, all schools in England have been asked to close from today  (Tuesday 5th January) as part of a national lockdown planned in response to a surge in COVID-19 and a new variant in  the virus. 

This will mean that the vast majority of pupils will need to remain at home until further notice is available on when  schools will be able to re-open. 

We will be providing online learning for all pupils while Lark Rise Academy is closed. All pupils will start their learning  remotely from Wednesday 6th January 2021 via Google Classroom, details of which you have already received during  the last lockdown. Work will be uploaded each evening at 7pm for completion the following day. If you require further  support accessing Google Classroom, please visit the new school website for further instructions if required  https://www.larkrise.com/Parents/Google-Classroom/ 

In the event that you have lost your Google Classroom username or password, please contact the school office. Do not  try and change this yourself.  

Our school will remain open for vulnerable children and the children of key workers, as was the case during the  national lockdown from March to June last year. The criteria used to identify vulnerable children and key workers can  be found here: 

 Government Guidance 

 Please complete the Google questionnaire which will be sent out this morning following this letter ONLY if you require  a place for your child.  

We will continue to offer free school meals for eligible children during this period while the school is closed. Further  details will be sent out once these have been clarified. 

At the moment, there is no clear date for when primary and secondary schools will be able to re-open to pupils, but  we will update you as soon as this information becomes available. 

We know this latest announcement will cause disruption for many families and we would like to thank you for your  continued patience and understanding as we follow Government guidance. 

As a school we had planned over the Christmas break to ensure the school is as safe as possible for pupils and staff to  return. Your support is what got the school through 2020 and it is what will see us through the challenges of this next  period. 

While the school is closed, we encourage you to keep monitoring the Government’s advice – the information can be  found on the Government website:

NHS Advice 

 We will continue to keep you updated and if you have any immediate questions please contact the school via  office@larkrise.com 

Yours faithfully 

Mrs Romina Lang 

Acting Headteacher