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Macaws Class

Class News Autumn 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had two amazing weeks in Macaws Class and I would like to begin by congratulating the children on the excellent start of the year.

We were all extremely impressed with the way in which they have settled back in to school. They seemed very happy to be back indeed and we were excited to welcome them back as well. I am very proud of every single member of Macaws family for their excellent behaviour choices, listening skills and hard work.


For the past two weeks we have been spending quality time together as a class, getting to know each other, reflecting on the time when we were away from school, learning our new school rules to keep us all safe and participating in a range of lovely activities and games within the classroom.


The children have enjoyed sharing their experiences from their time at home and we have really enjoyed hearing about these! Thank you for keeping up the home learning with your children; they have shared how much they enjoyed this. It has also been lovely to hear about the exercise they completed, the new skills they may have learnt or perhaps the new things you all did together as a family.  

The whole school have been reading and reflecting on the book ‘Here We Are, Notes on Planet Earth’ by Oliver Jeffers. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and we have had some wonderful discussions. Some of the activities we have completed have included exploring the earth using Google Earth, writing letters to special people in our lives, reflecting on how to look after our planet and creating posters to remind everyone in the school about how we can keep healthy. I was impressed with children’s writing skills and overjoyed to find out that we have some little poets in our class! Well done for writing your beautiful poems about the sky! Such a lot of hard work!

Our class book is ‘Boot’ by Shane Hegarty. We are really enjoying this book and children have made excellent predictions about what they think might happen to our main character. Children particularly enjoyed reading this as a class and doing this though our echo reading.


The children have impressed us with their place value knowledge as we have completed a range of activities in our base classes. We have lots of keen mathematicians in the class and lots of them have enjoyed rising to the challenge questions each day. They also enjoyed playing maths games and working out maths puzzles, therefore we will continue to provide them and make children’s learning fun and engaging.

We have really enjoyed our PE lessons this week! On Monday we had a coach from Luton Football Club visit school to teach us football. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this. On Thursday we all participated in and enjoyed a dance lesson; we are looking forward to these lessons each week!


I am sure you will have heard about our imoves activities which we have been completing daily at school! The children have loved these. They have done really well in participating in these short active bursts of activity, which then help them engage again with their work.


We have completed many activities during this fortnight which have helped your child settle back into school; we are looking forward to visiting our English and Maths groups for the first time next week! The children are looking forward to this too.

I would like to congratulate our magnificent Macaw of the week, Henry A for working hard in maths and for having an excellent behaviour. Well done, Henry!

Our handwriting hero and heroine for this week is Carrick and Maria. Well done to both of you!


I am very impressed with everything children have achieved in the past two weeks and I hope that you all have a wonderful and restful weekend.

 I look forward to seeing you all again next week,


Mrs Lulciuc


Dear Parents and carers,


Another two busy weeks have passed and it is a real pleasure to be sending out the second email from Macaws Class this academic year. I am incredibly proud of all the children and their hard work.


For the past two weeks we have been engaged in amazing learning activities. Children did very well in joining their new Maths and English groups and following our school safety rules.

We have continued to work on our Maths skills and the children have impressed with their place value knowledge. After completing a wide range of activities, we are ready to move on to the next learning block, addition and subtraction.


In English, our new book, ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes has captivated children’s attention and curiosity.  We are really enjoying this book and children have made excellent predictions about what they think might happen to our main character, the iron giant. They have also worked hard to answer VIPERS questions around the suspenseful text and in the following weeks we have planned some lovely activities to support children developing their imagination and writing skills.

We have really enjoyed our PE lessons! On Mondays we welcomed our coach from Luton Football Club who taught us useful skills for playing football. On Thursdays, dance lessons are much enjoyed and entertaining. Children loved their ballet lesson and taking part in the ‘Revolting children’ theatre dance from ‘Matilda the musical’ which is based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name.


We continue to complete imoves activities in school daily. The children have done really well in participating in these short active bursts of activity, which then help them engage again with their work.


We have also worked hard to catch up with our previous learning from summer term when most of us have been at home due to the lockdown. We have learned some amazing facts about key events in British history such as The Great Fire of London and World War I. One of the most enjoyable activities was when children pretended to be soldiers in trenches, writing letters to their loved ones.


Last week children worked hard in completing assessment activities. These assessments have given us an overview of where the children are at and what they might need next in their learning. We will be talking to you about this in the upcoming parent consultation meetings.

Thank you for supporting the children with their homework. We are looking forward to sharing their recommendations and displaying their colourful book review posters in our key stage.


Please join me in congratulating our Magnificent Macaw of the week, Arabella S. Our handwriting hero and heroine this week is Hugo S and Eloise V! Well done children!


I hope you have a lovely and restful weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.


Mrs. Lulciuc



Dear Parents and Carers,


It was so lovely to ‘meet’ with you all on Thursday’s parent consultation appointments. I hope you found the meetings useful. It was great to be able to tell you all about how well your children have settled back into school.


Things have been very exciting in school during the last couple of weeks. We have lots to tell you about!

Children thoroughly enjoyed science week. The week was themed around ‘Fungus’ and this really captured the children’s interest. They could not believe the amount of different types of fungus that there are. We discovered that there are many uses for the different fungi. Children were astonished to discover that some fungi actually is an important ingredient in making lego! Children have completed comic strip stories of the heroes and villains of the fungus kingdom. They were amazing and so entertaining to read!

We also conducted two experiments. One experiment looked at the conditions in which mould grows best. We found this out by setting up bread in a range of conditions. Today they found out the outcome; I am sure they will be excited to let you know. I have heard that many of you have also been setting this up at home, which was lovely to hear.


Alongside science week, we have also keenly continued our reading of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Children have loved this book and are excited to find out about what their next key text will be!

Children have developed their addition and subtraction skills; solving problems and explaining their working. We have been so impressed with their hard work. Please encourage your child to log on to Times Tables Rockstars regularly at home too; this will really aid your child with their confidence and knowledge within mathematics, thank you!


In Geography we have continued our focus on map work; culminating in children creating their own maps. Children could explain that the use of symbols and a key make a map much easier to read and use. Some excellent maps were created!


This week in school we have found out about significant and amazing figures as part of Black History Month. Children have loved finding out about Katherine Johnson. She was an amazing lady who was so important in the ‘space race’. Without her, who knows if the moon landings would have ever occurred!


I am sure you will have also heard about our exciting Pobble Day on Monday. Children were amazed to find a mysterious door on the playground (which I am sure you will have all seen too!) The writing that children produced about what lay beyond the door was amazing! Please look out for an email asking your permission for your child's work to be published on the Pobble website. Following the success of previous years, we will continue to use this website to publish pieces of work and celebrate writing throughout the school year. It is a fantastic way of sharing your children's work with you, the school community and on a global platform!  It will only be published with your child's first name and age group.  If you click on the link in the email it will take you to the website and you can give permission for their work to be shared.


Finally this week we have found out more about the festival of Harvest; finding out about the produce that is grown and harvested at this time of year. Children have filmed a class presentation on this to share with the whole school to celebrate Harvest.


Congratulations to the following winners of our class awards:

Handwriting Hero: Samuel

Handwriting Heroine: Phoebe

Peacock of the Week: Elsa


I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lulciuc 



Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope that you all had a lovely half term break; the children have enjoyed telling me about some of the nice things you have been doing together with your families, like walking in the woods! We have continued to enjoy looking at some great pictures from home of fungus hunts!


It has also been so lovely to see the varied and interesting research and homework on inspirational people from Black History. We have begun to share these as a class; the children are so proud of their hard work. We will be sharing all of the children’s hard work in class over the next two weeks; please could you upload your child’s work to Google Classroom (if you haven’t already) as it would be nice for all of the children to get the opportunity to share their hard work.


This week in school has seen us begin our new theme ‘Location, Location, Location’. The children are thoroughly enjoying this theme already and are so interested in finding about where we live. The children have written some excellent questions that they would like to find the answer to and they were also able to share what they already knew about Dunstable. We also wrote some excellent letters to persuade people that Dunstable is a fantastic locality; the children wrote excellent letters and included some fantastic geographical vocabulary too!


This week in Macaws Class, we had some very exciting furry visitors! We were looking after our guinea pigs, Candy and Floss. The children were very attentive to the guinea pigs and we think that they really enjoyed listening to our class book.


In our English lessons, we have all started a new book. After ‘The Iron Man’, children were very keen to find out their next English class book. Mrs Lulciuc and Mrs Shilvock’s English groups are reading ‘Toto the ninja cat; the great snake escape’ by Dermot O’Leary and Mrs Waterman’s groups are reading ‘Varjak Paw’ by S.F.Said. Both books already sound very exciting and we can’t wait to find out what happens to our main characters (both of which are cats!)


Before half term, we also competed in a Times Tables Rockstars competition; playing against other Year 3 and Year 4 pupils from the trust schools. We all did so well! Thank you all for encouraging your children to log on regularly; it is so important for them to practice regularly to improve the quick and accurate recall of their times tables facts. All Maths groups did very well indeed. We were thrilled that Mrs Waterman’s Maths group won the Year 4 competition!


Next week in school is Maths Week! The theme is real life maths and we have lots of exciting things planned for the children. There will also be another Times Tables Rockstars competition; more information about this will follow soon.


We have also sent home children’s heat maps with them today. These reflect how children are doing on Times Tables Rockstars. This will help you to support your child; the red and orange questions should be a focus as these are the questions where children are getting the questions incorrect and are slower to input an answer. The grey questions mean they have not accessed those questions yet. Finally the green questions are the questions where they are the strongest. We hope that you find these useful.


Last half term, children really enjoyed their Football and Dance lessons. This half term we have our fitness and gymnastics lessons; the children have participated well in these lessons and particularly enjoyed developing their sprinting techniques in our lesson on Monday. Please note that children will no longer require football boots on their PE days. Thank you.


Finally, just to clarify that children do require a sharpener and rubber in school. I apologise for any mixed messages regarding pencil case contents. Thank you all for continuing to provide the children with the equipment that they need in lessons.


Our Handwriting Hero and Heroine are Brody and Malin.

Congratulations to our Macaw of the Week, Phoebe.

Well done, children!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lulciuc




Dear Parents and Carers,


It is a real pleasure to be sending our email from Macaws Class this week! I am incredible proud of all the children and their hard work in the past two weeks. You have probably heard that we completed lots of exciting, engaging and fun learning!


Last week we enjoyed the fascinating tasks linked to our Maths Week in school. Children managed to solve puzzles and crack codes in order to ‘escape the forest’ during a code breaking afternoon. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and showed that they were able to apply their maths learning to problem solving very well indeed.


Children also considered symmetry in nature and were amazed to discover that many natural objects contain symmetry. Children found out about the artist Andrew Goldsworthy and completed excellent symmetrical art work using pictures of natural objects. The finished pieces were amazing. Well done children!


We completed a science investigation on solids, liquids and gases. The children explored the weight of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks! We used our maths skills to measure and weigh carefully. 


In Physical Education (PE), children found out about how far different animals could jump and measured these on the field, measuring and marking out these distances carefully. Throughout the week, children were able to make links to maths across the curriculum. Well done children!


We also competed in a live lesson and quiz. The children worked so hard to find multiples of different numbers and absolutely loved solving the puzzles and problems that were set. Amazing work everyone!


This week in school, we have learnt about Anti-Bullying and why it is so important to take care of one another. The children responded with thoughtful answers and we all worked hard to create some wonderful posters promoting kind and thoughtful behaviours. Children loved our “United against bullying” activities.


On Monday, children learned about Diwali. As part of this interesting session, children learnt the meaning of Diwali, why it is celebrated and how it is celebrated. Children then created some fantastic Rangoli patterns and acrostic poems about the festival of light.


Alongside all of this fantastic learning, children have continued to work hard in all of their other lessons too! We are really enjoying our theme ‘Location, Location, Location’. This week we drew comparisons between the rural location of Studham and the urban location of Dunstable. Children were using some fantastic geographical vocabulary and enjoyed using aerial photographs to identify the different features of each place.


Congratulations to our Macaw of the week, Naomi. Well done for working hard and being kind and helpful!


Our Handwriting Hero and Heroine is Connor and Brooke. Well done, children!


This week’s homework has been set on Literacy Planet. We would also like children to log on to Bedrock and Times Tables Rock Stars regularly too; in line with our home learning guidance.


After a very busy week; we hope you and your children have a blessed and restful weekend!

Mrs. Lulciuc