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Hummingbirds Class

Class News Summer Term 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the final letter of the Summer term. I can’t believe that we are at that point in the year already! The children have come back into school so settled and I have to say I have just loved watching them play together on the field and playground. They have been having so much fun and are so kind to each other; fantastic!

It was great to get back to school last week and build on the knowledge the children already had of making finger puppets in our Design Technology lessons to then make hand puppets. This time the children used threading to help join the materials as well as glue. The children really enjoyed making these and I hope you have had some lovely puppet shows at home J

In History, we started to find out about our current Queen and where she lives. We had a tour of Buckingham Palace (virtually of course!) and managed to use the chrome books to help us research some facts using the kiddle search engine. The children enjoyed drawing pictures of her and the palace. I wonder what facts they can remember to tell you? See what else you can find out about her.

In P.E,, the children were excited to welcome a Luton Town Football Club coach in to school and had the best time training on the field. Our coach will be coming in once a week until half term. There is no need to buy football boots for this especially as the children are perfectly fine in trainers but if they would like to wear astros on that day or bring in their football boots in a bag of course they are more than welcome to do so. In addition to this the children will be learning athletics in preparation for our sports day; how exciting!

In Science we are thinking about all things ‘Plants’ this half term; starting off with understanding what things they would need to thrive. I was very impressed with their knowledge of this and we look forward to making our own observations and seeing how things grow – what helps this to happen and what stops this from happening? If you have any seeds or bulbs lying around and would like to send them in with your child we would be grateful to receive these to support our learning in future weeks. 

This week our handwriting hero and heroines were Rosalie Trevor and Ethan Trew. Happy Hummer award went to Damian Sawa for a fantastic first week back at school with outstanding behaviour choices, well done everybody.

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who managed to take some time to come and look at their child’s school books on Thursday evening.  I hope you enjoyed this opportunity; it was so lovely to get the chance to speak to some of you and I hope you know I am always available if you ever need to talk about your lovely child. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and I hope that the sun shines for you all. We look forward to welcoming your children back on Tuesday J

Lots of love Miss Slough and Mrs Ofoma


Dear Parents and Carers,

Another two weeks have flown by in Hummingbirds Class with lots of lovely learning completed. We’ve been working on our independence skills and have been discussing being the best we can be during our PSHE lessons, as well as focusing on e-Safety when we use our different devices. We have also been focussing on our value for this half term of Trust and Honesty, with some lovely stories and assemblies around this.

In History we have continued our Famous Queens topic, looking at Queen Victoria. We discovered facts about her reign during the Victorian era. We then looked at Victorian life, comparing the lives of the wealthy and the poor. The children were shocked to discover that poorer families shared homes with one another and had to use an outdoor toilet… ask them if they can remember where their toilet waste ended up!

In Geography we’ve continued looking at London, our capital city, and learning about the different landmarks. The children even had a go at making a mini London outside and using directional language to tour around each landmark.  We also used Google Earth on the Chromebooks to explore these man-made landmarks and compare them with natural features, such as the River Thames.

In Science we have been continuing our plants learning. We looked at the differences between a seed and a bulb and even drew the inside of each one. We’ve been remembering lots of new ‘Rocket Words’ in our lessons to ensure we are using the correct scientific vocabulary in our learning. A massive thank you to those of you who kindly send in lots of seeds, we are planting some to watch their changes over the next few weeks. We’re keen to look at some bulbs next so any small donations of these would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

The children have been enjoying our visits from Luton Town Football Club and have been trying out new games and schools during our time during Thursday’s sessions. Thank you for ensuring children are dressed sensibly for these lessons. In Computing we received an email from Mrs Lang about a stolen cake! We composed a response using our communication skills and will see what happens next…

Our  Happy Hummer is Ethan Trew for outstanding behaviour as always, and our handwriting heroes are Patryk Adams, Freddie Mitchelmore, Emily Bogdanovich and Hugo Ksiazek. Finally, just a final few messages:

  • Homework for this week continues to be posted on Google Classroom focusing on Read Write Inc. Please check your child has accepted their group join request. We look forward to seeing photos and videos of the children at home learning their speed sounds.
  • Next week sees the children completing assessments across Key Stage One. This is nothing for the children to be worried or concerned about. These assessments are used to support our teacher assessments for the end of the year and identify any areas that require additional teaching time to ensure full coverage of the curriculum. 

Well done to all of the children for another jam-packed few weeks. They have worked really hard! I am so proud of them all. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We can’t wait to see what the rest of this half term brings!

Love from Miss Slough and Mrs. Ofoma x


Dear Parents and Carers,

I can’t believe we are at the end of yet another half term already and what a lovely half term it has been with some beautiful weather and lots of time for the children to play on the field and enjoy our new outside reading room. As a class we have enjoyed several stories together in this new space as well as the children being able to share books together at break times through choice which is always lovely to see.

 It has been such a busy couple of weeks in Key stage 1 with our Year Two children sitting SATS tests last week for which I am beyond proud of the children for completing with such decorum and resiliency. Given that these children have missed so much with everything that has happened over the last couple of years to think how far they have still come makes me feel a little emotional for them. What little stars they all are! As a special treat we are planning to take them all to the Zoo after half term (information to follow at a later date) to celebrate their achievements. The Year 1’s also completed some assessments this week and did a great job while there were some changes to our usual arrangements across the Key stage; well-done everybody!

In Art, we have been learning some different techniques with paper and managed to make some beautiful collages that have been laminated to keep them in place while still allowing light through; beautiful! We looked at some very impressive art work made purely out of paper and the children became really inspired by how detailed some of the pieces of work were just using such a simple media. See if they can show you any of their techniques at home (it‘s not as messy as making a jungle diorama I promise!)

In Geography, we have continued to study our capital city of London and after enjoying a tour of mini London in our playground and giving each other directions around all of the landmarks, this week, in celebration of her Majesty’s Jubilee we picked the landmarks we thought she would love the best and made some simple maps for her as a guide around London. The Year 2 children even had a go at making a simple key to go on their tour map; fantastic!

In fact, all of this week we have centred our learning around Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. It has been a lovely opportunity to find out all about her, what she does, where she lives and even what her favourite songs were. We discovered that she loves ABBA and that the Royal Guards once performed ‘Dancing Queen’ for her when changing guard at Buckingham palace. Therefore, in honour of our Queen Key stage 1 worked really hard to learn all of the lyrics and perform the song in a special Friday morning assembly together to the rest of the school. To say they were amazing would be an understatement and as a Key stage they are absolutely phenomenal at musical performances together; they never fail to make me smile and cry all at the same time.

This week’s Handwriting Heroes are Freddie Mitchelmore, Patryk Adams, Baine West and Rhys Williams and our Happy Hummer for fantastic behaviour choices is Ali Alkhafaji. Well done everyone!

Finally, it has been the most wonderful celebration this afternoon as a whole school. Thank you so much to all of you that took the time to be with us and make such a memorable occasion for the children who I’m sure loved every minute. For anybody that wished they could have been here with us and was unable to make it, please don’t worry your children had such a lovely afternoon with each other and joined in beautifully. It was lovely to have that special moment with them and make some lovely memories together.

I truly wish you all a lovely half term. May it be filled with sunshine, happiness and special memories of time with your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming all of the children back for what will be our final half term together.

Lots of love Miss Slough and Mrs Ofoma


Homework this week is set on Google Classroom and will be English based. Please make sure you have accepted the invitation to join your child’s new English group for this term to access this. To be handed in no later than the first Wednesday after half term. 


Dear Parents and Carers,

I just cannot believe we are in the final half term of the year and it seems to be flying by already! However, we have had some exciting times at school over the last couple of weeks and you know what they say; ‘time flies when you’re having fun!’

In Art, we have been learning some new techniques as we continue our paper art focus, looking at the skill of ‘quilling’ – ask your little ones if they can demonstrate for you! – and the children have used this well to create some pretty pieces. In Design Technology we have continued our Teddy Bear’s Picnic topic and after the success of our fruit skewers in Summer 1, the children were absolutely delighted to be able to get stuck into making Rainbow Omelette Cake Cups this week! They used their chopping and cutting skills, whisked and cracked eggs (with only a couple of yolks lost thankfully! Phew!) and created some delicious food. Their faces were a picture when they got to tuck into their tasty treats afterwards with some children loving them more than others :) 

Last week we celebrated ‘World Ocean Day’ as part of our science learning which started with a very inspiring assembly led by the lovely Miss. Stevens. We watched as she demonstrated how the sea protects the earth from the heat of the sun. Ask the children if they can tell you about this; it involved a balloon exploding! We then took part in a live lesson about rock pooling and learned some extraordinary facts about starfish and how they can clone themselves; amazing! Afterwards, the children enjoyed creating their own models of creatures that typically dwell in rock pools and discussing facts about them.

In our main science lessons, we have been looking at growth and life cycles which we started off with looking at the growth of a baby chick from birth up to reproduction (laying its own egg) and then eventually the life cycle ending with death, which, while we were all sad to discuss, we know is merely a part of the circle of life and natural. The theme of growing and changing was continued this week with Mrs Hartley’s fantastic whole school assembly where children put their guessing skills to the test to try and match the member of staff to older photos of their younger selves which they children really enjoyed. 

Talking of assemblies, your child may have come home and told you about some of the events happening in Music across the school this term. Last week we discovered Ed Sheeran is our new ‘Musical Hero of the Half Term’ which the children were so excited about. We shared a book made in collaboration with his best friend Phillip Bhutah, who has made some beautiful drawings of Ed throughout his life. Each class have an open invitation to respond in any way that they feel best represents them and as a whole school we are learning ‘Castle on the Hill’ so please have fun with this at home! In addition to this, Mrs. Francis announced some other exciting events taking place over the next few weeks including ‘The L Factor.’ Please encourage your child to take part in this as they will be well supported when they perform to their key stage and it really is great fun. The best acts get put through to a semi-final and then we choose finalists to perform for the whole school. It is lots of fun and the children absolutely love it. 

In order to support the children with their transition this year, the children in Year 2 went for a visit to Lower Key Stage 2 to have a story with Mrs. Shilvock in Red Kites class. The children were very excited and obviously the fact that Mrs. Shilvock is already a familiar face to them was an added bonus. She was so happy to see them all and had such a lovely time with them that she came to find me at lunch time especially just to let me know how fantastic their behaviour was and how wonderful they all were; fabulous! In Hummingbirds class, the Year 1 children and I waited patiently as the new Reception children walked across from Robins and Owls to spend some time with us too. It was worth the wait as the new Reception children were incredibly sweet and listened beautifully to Meerkat Mail with us. I think it was all because my lovely Year 1’s were so kind, calm and such excellent role models that they settled in so wonderfully; well-done everyone!

Finally, the lovely Hummingbirds enjoyed a visit to Dunstable Downs on Wednesday and were absolutely fabulous as always. We had such a lovely time looking at the cows, exploring Chute Wood and its micro inhabitants, playing with the dens, spotting sheep and of course eating ice- creams and ice lollies in the café. I have to say the children’s behaviour was exemplary and I felt very proud to be their teacher. However, we have to thank Poppy, Ethan, Gracjan and Mia’s mummy for supporting us on the school trip and I think they may just well be our class Happy Hummers for this week!  

Over the last two weeks our  Handwriting Heroes have been  Ethan Trew , Lydia Ross, Rosalie Trevor and Laila Perkins- Ossorio. For fantastic behaviour choices our  Happy Hummer has been Baine West and Caoimhe Walsh. Well done everyone!

We hope you have a fabulous weekend full of sunshine and look forward to welcoming all of the children back on Monday.

Lots of love Miss Slough and Mrs Ofoma


Homework this week is set on Google Classroom and will be English based to support your child with writing, something that we feel as a school (and also nationally) that needs a little bit of extra support with all the children have been through over the last two years. Thank you to all of you who are already supporting your children with this we know it can be tricky. Please hand these in by Wednesday of next week at the latest.


Dear Parents and Carers, 

The last two weeks in Hummingbirds have been amazing with so many lovely extra-curricula activities such as sports day, which I have to say after so long without all of our lovely parents was just fantastic to have you all there with us encouraging the children who I think you will agree were all absolutely fabulous! The Year 2’s particularly enjoyed our trip out to the zoo this week as a special treat for all of their hard work during SATs week (so definitely well deserved) and so did I. It was just so wonderful to spend time with the children out of school in such a beautiful environment and talk with and enjoy looking at the animals on show at Whipsnade together. They really are the most amazing group of children and their behaviour was impeccable as always; well-done Year 2! The Year 1’s also had a fun afternoon with Mrs. Berry who organised some fun games and activities with Miss Clarke for the children. 

In R.E. we have been thinking about Jesus and listening to some stories from the bible about his work. We decided he was a very ’inspirational’ person. Following this the children began thinking about who inspires them in their lives. See if they can tell you who they chose! J 

In Science we have continued our learning around growth, looking at the different stages of life, including a toddler and a teenager which some children described as “when children grow up and have a phone!” which made me laugh! We looked at the ages when humans pass into different parts of their life, such as ‘middle age’ and ‘old age’ and lots of them commented on how relatives in their family fit into these categories. 

During our History lessons we’ve continued looking at Florence Nightingale and the impact of her changes in nursing and hospital care. We also read a lovely story called ‘Vlad and Florence Nightingale Adventure’ which gave us some extra insight into the Crimean war and the hospital conditions. In Geography we continued learning all about farming and different farms, including using our geography skills to look at a map of a farm and explore the different parts using symbols and creating a seasons wheel to depict the different seasons on a farm. The children have really enjoyed these units so far. 

Reminders and messages:

  • Homework this week is set on Google Classroom as usual and continues to focus on reading and writing skills.
  • Thank you again for your support with ensuring your children are fully equipped for their learning over the coming final weeks of our school year. However, just a reminder that children must have a water bottle in school for each day, especially now that we are having such lovely weather.
  • If children could also be sent in with a sunhat too, especially to wear during our outdoor P.E. lessons. Thank you!
  • Now that all of the children in Hummingbirds Class have had a turn with our class ‘Happy Hummer’ we will be sending this home daily with a child who has made outstanding behaviour choices. 

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you on Monday for another week of learning! 

Love from Miss Slough and Mrs Ofoma x  


Dear Parents and Carers,

I just simply cannot believe that we only have one week left until the end of term - where has the time gone! Writing this last class email is rather bittersweet for me as I am so delighted to share with you how proud I am of the children for all their efforts and triumphs over the year but also sad to be saying goodbye to my absolutely fabulous Year 2 Hummingbirds. Words could never express how much I have loved being your teacher whether that has been for one year or two you will always have such a special place in my heart and I will always be here for you if ever you should need me. However, I like to think I have done my job well and prepared you for your next steps and can just see that you are about to have an absolute ball in Lower Key Stage 2! I know how excited all of the staff are in that key stage to have you in their classes – fun times ahead. If you are in Year 1 and staying, know that I am thrilled to have you again and if you are moving to a new class don’t forget that I am only ever a step away my lovelies :)

Before I go, I would like to tell you a little bit about what your little superstars have been learning over the last couple of weeks, starting with History - which is a personal favourite of mine. The children have grown so knowledgeable about Florence Nightingale and her life and have been learning how to research areas of new learning by looking at non-fiction texts; fantastic! They have been comparing old ways of nursing with new and learning about how life was different during the Victorian Era and also how Florence started to change stereotypes especially with her work in the Crimea. The children have been able to sort true facts from false and create tables to record their findings. We have thought about Florence’s personal qualities that helped her to be so successful and even famous long after she had died. The children all agreed that her resilience in the face of adversity was one of the biggest factors. I have to say this is still as relevant today as it was then and something that we encourage so much thanks to Mrs. Lang’s vision of Resilient Roo.

On that note, I would just like to say that it is incredibly hard to choose just one Resilient Roo each term as the children have all demonstrated resiliency in lots of ways over the year. Please know that I always try to recognise this daily in the classroom where I can. See if your child can tell you something that they have persevered with over the year as we had a lovely class discussion about this and I was impressed with what they shared.

In Science, the children continued to learn about human growth and develop their scientific vocabulary including what ‘inherited characteristics’ means. This was quite tricky vocabulary but the children really understood the concept as we continued to explore this in ways that has meaning for us. For example, whether we had Mummy or Daddy’s eye colour or talents for dancing etc. The children then drew a little picture of themselves and then a picture of the person they felt they most resembled in their family. They mainly chose parents but some children chose their siblings. It was very sweet; see if they can remember who they drew.

In Geography, we have been learning about farming and how the seasons affect the life on a farm and the children created beautiful season wheels on this. They have also been learning how to make a simple map of our local area after our trip to the splash park the other day. The Year 2’s even included brilliant keys to provide further information. See if they can tell you the road names we walked down to get there or human and physical features they included on their map that they saw on the way. Thinking about the trip to the splash park I think this has been the highlight of the year for me (even though there have been so many to choose from) as I loved watching your fantastic children having so much fun with their friends and spending time with them outside of the classroom; it made me smile long after the day ended. I think I will hold that memory in my head for a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who made that trip possible; you are complete stars and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

Finally, I want to congratulate all the children that entered into the LFactor this year. I think you are an incredibly talented bunch and it was so hard to choose just four acts to go through to the final. I can’t wait for you all to have a go next year and with so many of you learning instruments maybe you will be ready to play us a little tune next time too! Thinking of music, the children in this key stage have such a presence when they sing together as a whole group and have made me cry happy tears to hear them all sing their hearts out through the year. It has been such a privilege to be with them in these moments and I just know they will bring so much joy when they sing the leavers song for our year 6’s next week as part of a whole school celebration.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all of your support with everything over the year. I have appreciated all of the kind comments so much and opportunities to get to know you and your children better. I hope you all have lots of sun, fun and happiness over the summer with your beautiful families.

Lots of love Miss Slough and Mrs Ofoma


You should have all had a Summer reading challenge booklet sent out to you by now. It is a lovely way to bond with your child over a story during the summer holidays and for them to impress their new teachers when they come back into school (plus a great way to quickly earn some very generous house points!). If you have any questions about these do come and ask I will only be too happy to help you if I can :) 

Homework this week is set on Google Classroom and will be English. Please hand these in by Wednesday of next week at the latest.