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Hummingbirds Class

Class News Autumn Term 2021


Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to the first class email from Hummingbirds class in this academic year.  It has been wonderful to be back in the classroom with your lovely children and have the opportunity to get to know them a little better. I have been so impressed with how well the children have come back in to school this new school year especially considering the exceptional circumstances we have been experiencing so a very big ‘well done’ to all the children and parents for such an amazing achievement and in particular to the new Year 1 children who missed out on their transition activities and have still managed to settle well into their new classroom and routines.

During our first two weeks together as a class, we have been busy listening to stories, drawing portraits, making models with playdoh and lego, creating worry monster rocks and beautiful Hummingbirds for displaying in our class as well as some pretty fantastic spinners. I have been amazed at all of their efforts so far. We have also talked about lockdown and reflected on what we love about being back at school. I think at the top of that list was being back with their friends every day!

In the mornings, we have begun to go over some important maths skills that are crucial to moving the children’s learning forwards. Following that, the children have also enjoyed some phonic games to help get them reading and writing again. In Hummingbirds class, we also had a go at ‘echo reading’ a text as a whole class. We used a text called ‘That’s not my dinosaur’ which you may be familiar with. Even though the children are all at different levels of reading ability, the idea was to get them used to ‘echo reading’ as a class, using lots of expression as this is something they will be having a go at with various different books over the year. I’m sure your children will be able to tell you more or may even be able to remember the whole order of the book and recite it to you or their younger siblings! Of course it was no accident that we chose a book about a dinosaur, as this terms new theme will be ‘out of eggs’ which will feature lots about dinosaurs. For all those budding palaeontologists out there I’m sure this will be a dream come true!

Across the whole school we have all been using a text ‘Here we are’ in our English lessons; it is a book which explores many areas of life as we know it. The children have loved looking through the pages and talking about all the wonderful things we love about the world and things that we missed when we were unable to come to school. The children’s work is being put up on a working wall in the classroom so that we can reflect on all of the things the book helps us to think about. We have used Google Earth in the classroom to zoom in on our local area and could see the school building and grounds; the children loved this and we have even begun to make our own class book to display and share.

Physical activity is so important at the moment for the children so we have been able to develop our skills in many ways; from yoga in the hall to running around outside. We have also been using imoves in the classroom to give us a physical break between lessons. Fortunately the weather has been very kind to us and we have been able to get lots of outdoor play time throughout the day.

The children may have also talked to you about Harold the giraffe. He is the mascot for a new scheme we are running across the school to support our Physical, Social, Emotional Education (PSHE) curriculum. The children have been introduced to this over the past two weeks and the word SCARF which stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. We have had lots of opportunities to talk about these words and their meanings.

This week’s Happy Hummer  is  Bertie Parr for being an outstanding role model to his peers and always trying his best.

Next week we are planning on moving the children into their Mathematics and English teaching groups and once they are settled you will receive a letter from their group teachers to explain things such as reading books, spellings and organisation.

There has been so much to remember as we return to school and you are all doing a great job! I will send pencil cases home on a Friday so that they can be checked/restocked/sharpened ready for Monday morning. Don’t forget our Physical Education (PE) days are Wednesday and Thursday in Key Stage One so children need to be in PE kits on those days.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Lots of love

Miss. Slough and Miss. Ofoma 


Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s always nice to share all of the lovely things we have been doing in the classroom and Hummingbirds class have certainly had a busy fortnight with the arrival of our friendly guinea pigs Candy and Floss on Monday. The children have loved sharing their classroom with them, having opportunities to feed and hold them and watch their behaviour more closely. It did make me giggle when one of the children noticed that ‘the one with the bigger bottom is a little more bossy to the other one!’ It’s also been great to see the children settling into their new classroom routines and environments and really engaging in their learning activities; well done everyone!

In Geography, the children have loved finding out more about Kenya and have even had the opportunity to research it for themselves using our brand new Chromebooks in I.T using the search engine Kiddle to read information and playback videos which they enjoyed. The children then chose their favourite African animal to draw and label and think about what it would need in its habitat to thrive which got us thinking about all of the physical features of the Kenyan landscape.

In History, the children have been thinking about toys from the past and enjoyed exploring some old toys for themselves. We also had a go at playing some traditional playground games like hopscotch and then drew a picture of our favourite toys. If you do happen to have any old toys from the past and wouldn’t mind them coming into school, I know the children would love to see them and we would be very grateful.

Our science theme over this half term is all about animals including humans which the children are doing really well with. We started by looking at what animals need in order to grow and then had a focus on birds and enjoyed making some amazing bird feeders for around the school grounds. We couldn’t believe when we discovered that the birds had finished them within a few days so it is fantastic that one child in Hummingbirds has made some more at home to bring in; brilliant!

Finally, this week saw the return of our special whole school Pobble writing day and this year there was something particularly super about it… Yes that’s right it had a superhero theme and the children loved it! I’m sure you’re all incredibly pleased that the children are back in school and completing their writing tasks with us once again and I have to say they didn’t disappoint. Well done to Ethan Trew and Lydia Ross who are the first two children in Hummingbirds class to have their work pobbled this school year for all their tremendous writing efforts.

Over the last two weeks our Happy Hummer awards have gone to Shreya Patel and Freddie Mitchelmore for making fantastic behaviour choices, listening carefully and in general being all-round fabulous members of our class!

Our handwriting heroes and heroines this week and last have been Oliver Prew, Ada Smith, Caoimhe Walsh and Niamh Baker. Well done for all your efforts during our writing tasks and presenting your work so beautifully.

Finally, I hope you all have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend with your lovely children.

Miss Slough, Mr. Mc Aleese and Mrs. Ofoma


We are keen to share with you the books your child is reading in school and would also like to be kept up to date with your child's reading habits at home. If you haven't already, we encourage you to download the Go read app, called GoAppsParent on the app store, enter your child's details sent out to you on the letter previously, watch the webinar https://go-read.co.uk/parents/ to learn how to use the app easily including for more than one child. Children will then be able to collect gems which they can trade in for virtual cards every time they read and log books which motivates them to continue reading and logging books.

Maths Homework is on education city and is to be completed by Wednesday 6th October at the latest. Thank you for supporting your children with these activities. 


 Dear Parents and Carers,

What a fantastic fortnight we have had at Lark Rise Academy with lovely events such as National Biology week during which the whole school children planted small tree seedlings with their friends, a trip to Wardown Park to look at artefacts from the past (with a special focus on toys!) and a live music assembly with our brilliant new peripatetic teacher Miss. Hardy. It has definitely been eventful in Hummingbirds to say the least and of course what better way to end this week than with the opportunity to meet you all and have a conversation about your wonderful children. Hopefully, lots of you feel reassured that your children have made a great start to their Key Stage One journey and are settling well into life in Hummingbirds class.

During our circle times, we have been focussing on friendships and how to solve problems that may arise. The children have had some great ideas and we even made a friendship recipe! See if they can remember any of the key ingredients for a good friendship or steps to take to nurture a good friendship. The children also discovered that they actually have a total of twenty - nine friends each in the classroom before they even leave the room, which is a pretty amazing perspective to have and it was really special to see them being brave and initiating conversations with other children in the class and getting to know all their peers a little better.

We finally finished our class novel ‘The Penguin who wanted to find out’ last week which the children really enjoyed and so we had a look at a book called ‘Solo’ by Paul Geraghty and made some comparisons about the setting, characters and plot of both stories. There were lots of similarities but I definitely think our class story about the little penguin Otto was a firm favourite. This week we began to look at non-fiction texts again and the children enjoyed finding out facts about Leopard seals, another Antarctic animal. We also wrote an explanation of how penguins can launch themselves out of the water! I wonder if the children can ‘act out’ our story map for this? Next week we will move onto poetry and in particular shape poems where the children will have the opportunity to create their own.

During P.E we have enjoyed learning different ball throwing techniques and starting to use them in game situations. The children found this quite tricky but we will continue to improve on our team tactics throughout the year. In the afternoons, we focus on athletics skills and this week had lots of relay races as we were learning to co-operate in teams. The children really made me smile cheering their teammates on and just for fun we ended the session with some wheelbarrow races which I will certainly never forget and are definitely to be tried at home if you’re at a loose end this weekend! The children really belly laughed and had great fun playing on the school field for break time afterwards; fabulous!

Over the last two weeks our Happy Hummer awards have gone to Ethan Trew and Laila Perkins-Ossorio for making fantastic behaviour choices, listening carefully and in general being all-round fabulous members of our class!

Our handwriting heroes and heroines this week and last have been Lydia Ross, Daniel McCulloch, Alex Wilcox and Damian Sawa. Well done for all your efforts during our writing tasks and presenting your work so beautifully.

Finally, I hope you all have a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend with your lovely children.

Miss Slough, Mr. Mc Aleese and Mrs. Ofoma


This week the children will be creating a toy museum in our classroom for our History lesson. Please could all of the children choose one toy from home to bring into school on or before Wednesday 20th October.Many thanks in advance for your support with this J