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Hawks Class

Class News Autumn Term 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

It is lovely to be writing to you all for the first time in a class email this academic year. I have had a fantastic first two weeks which is entirely down to your wonderful children. We have already had our fair share of laughter and smiles and I have thoroughly enjoyed starting to get to know them all as individuals and friendship groups. Well done on a great two weeks, Hawks Class – let’s keep it up!

The first week of term was spent getting to know each other, understanding expectations and completing lots of activities related to whole-school displays, as well as displays for the classroom. A particular favourite for the children was creating their own locker template which they took great pride in completing and seeing displayed on their lockers.

In science this half term, we are looking at a topic in physics: forces. This week, the children have been learning about gravity and their minds were amazed when they realised that you can't actually see gravity - only the result of it! As the half term goes on, children will take park in a range of practical experiments to study a range of forces. My previous experience of this topic tells me that the children will be coming home with some amazing force-related facts that they are desperate to prove to you all. 

This half term, we are focusing on ‘Marvellous Mountains’ in our geography learning. To begin with, the children pondered an all-important question: When does a hill become a mountain? With a clear definition under their belts, the children then moved on to discover some of the most infamous mountain ranges in the world. Did you know that Pic De Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees mountains, stands at 3404m tall above sea level? In coming weeks, we will hone in on the mountains that we are lucky to home here in the UK as well as investigate the features that every mountain has. Put your own knowledge to the test by considering what a summit, a snow line and a plateau are! 

We just wanted to remind you that children do need to have a fully-resourced pencil case in school – we have noticed that several children do not have their green pens or whiteboard pens to hand (these are used on a daily basis). If you are having difficulty finding these, children are able to buy them from the key stage for a very reasonable price (no commission taken by UKS2!). Many thanks for your help with this. 

Hawk of the week has been awarded to Jake and Barney. Handwriting Hero and Heroine have been awarded to Sammy and Jessica.

Miss Stevens and Miss McGoldrick