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Class News Summer Term 2022


Dear Parents/Carers 

What a busy week it has been with the Year 6 children taking their SATs and the Year 5s completing their own SATs-style assessments! All the staff just wanted to say how proud we are of the resilience and determination shown by all the children as they approached these assessments. Year 6s, in particular, settled to each day’s revision and assessment with a positive, ‘let’s show off our amazing learning’ attitude. All we ever asked of them was to try their very best and that’s certainly what they showed us – very well done Year 6s!


As a reward for their efforts, the Year 6s had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon out at Go Bowling yesterday for bowling and a buffet. It was lovely to see all the children relaxing, laughing and enjoying spending time with their friends after all their hard work.


This week we also had a wonderful opportunity to hear from a speaker who works at the charity, ‘Discover Islam’ in Luton.  All the classes enjoyed sessions focused around resilience and how our resilience can help us through hard times. Our speaker linked this to Islam by discussing how her faith, her learnings from the Qur'an and her community have personally helped her to do difficult things. They were really lovely sessions where the children spoke a lot about how they have pushed through hardships, as well as speaking a little about resilience towards SATs. The talks were very positive and encouraged children to believe that they can do anything that they want to; the thing that tends to hold us back the most when we're struggling is ourselves and our fears.


In History this half term, our topic is 'Crime and Punishment'; it's definitely one that has got the children interested! Over the last few weeks, we have looked at crime and punishment during the Roman era as well as the Anglo-Saxon era. Children were taken aback at some of the punishments that were given out for certain crimes. For example, you could be punished quite harshly for selling underweight bread! The children then compared these historic crime and punishment systems to the system we have today - many of our budding lawyers may even go on to study Roman law in their future education! Throughout the half term, we will continue to look at how crime and punishment has evolved through different eras.


The children have been practising their mindfulness in their art learning, trying their hands at ‘zentangles’. The aim is quite literally in the name: combining a ‘zen’ atmosphere with the creation of ‘tangled’ patterns. A large ‘whoop!’ was heard throughout the key stage when the children discovered that no rulers were allowed. Tangling is encouraged to be an entirely freehand artform! Applying a ‘no rubber’ and ‘incorporate your mistakes’ approach, the children have really had to put their growth mindset to the test. It has been an absolute delight to watch your children embrace this new skill, calmly developing their artistic flair. Some children have even been inspired to create their own zentangle artwork at home! Next time you’re feeling a little stressed or rushed off your feet, ask your children to show you the art of tangling; it will have you feeling calm in no time, I’m sure.


Finally, Eagle of the Week last week was awarded to Maria. Well done to our Handwriting Heroes and Heroines from the past two weeks: Isabella F, Karim, Ewan and Jessica.


Wishing you all a restful, peaceful and happy weekend ahead,


Kind regards

Mrs Francis, Miss Cameron & Miss McGoldrick