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Class News Spring Term 2024


Dear Parent/Carers

It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Christmas holiday period and to hear their news and memories of the time off. Once again, heartfelt thanks for the lovely cards and presents that were sent in – it was very generous of you and very much appreciated.

We’ve certainly started the year off with a bang, with the Year 6 children completing a set of assessments in preparation for their SATs later in May. As always with the children, they have shown determination and resilience, in order to show off their learning to the best of their ability – well done everyone! Children have written their results in their planners for you to be able to see and Mrs True and I will be able to discuss these in more detail at the upcoming Learning Review Meetings, which we hope to see all of you at (either on Wednesday 24th January or Thursday 25th January). Year 5 children will, of course, have the opportunity to have their learning discussed as well with Mrs White and Miss Doherty. 

In History this half term, we will be looking at 'The Changing Role of Women' and answering the key enquiry question: 'How has the role of women in Britain changed since 1800?' We have started by looking at the role of women up until the 19th Century and then looked at some extracts from 19th Century literature as a historical source to understand the emerging feeling among many women about their desire to change the role in society. This week, we moved on to looking at the Suffragette movement and how many women had to fight for their right to vote in elections. As the term progresses, we will look at the role of women during the war and throughout the later part of the 20th Century before finishing by looking at women's right in the modern world. 

Our Geography learning is based around the theme of ‘Investigating Rivers’. To start this off, children have reviewed their knowledge of the water cycle and how rivers contribute to this continual cycle. In this theme, we will also be considering features of a river system, as well as finding out about the causes of river pollution and the effect these have on the environment. Our learning will culminate in the children investigating a river in detail and conducting a geographical enquiry related to it – more details to follow! 

In Art this half term children are exploring famous artwork from Claude Monet and Edvard Munch. This week, children created an artist research page writing down important facts about Munch before sketching their version of Munch's famous Scream painting with a twist. Children were asked to show their best 'Scream' pose which was captured using the iPad and will be printed onto their sketches. These sketches will then be completed using watercolours and oil pastels- materials that Munch liked to use in his artwork. We can't wait to see the final product! Over the half term, children will continue to practice their sketching skills and will look at 3D effects and reflection. They will then complete their own artwork showcasing these techniques.                                              

Eagle of the Week has been awarded to Leo, who enjoyed a hot chocolate (perfect for these cold days) and a story with Mrs Lang. Our handwriting heroes and heroines are: Luke and Anson. 

Wishing you all a great week ahead,

Kind regards,

Mrs Francis