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Class News Autumn Term 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly we would like to say a huge welcome to all of you who are new to Lark Rise Academy!  It was lovely to meet so many of you at the doorstep visits, please bear with us as we try to get better at recognising you at the door each day.  

We hope you are as proud of your children as we are.  They are doing so well as they continue to settle into their sessions. There are many changes for the children as they get to know us adults and lots of new friends.  The routines are all new and many children are also staying for full days – they have been incredible.  It has been wonderful to see so many children happily entering the class each day.

Over the past week the children have been exploring the classroom, finding familiar toys as well as being introduced to new activities.  The children have been learning one another’s names and have been playing alongside others who like the same activities as themselves. Rules are extremely important at Lark Rise Academy.  Both Ducks and Ducklings Classes have been learning our class rules. They have earned lots of stickers as they have shown us that they know how to follow them, to keep everyone safe and happy.   We wonder if your child can tell you any of our class rules?

Next week we will be continuing to help your children to settle into the Nursery rules and routines and also spending lots of time getting to know them even better. We will be focussing on name recognition and looking at which letters are in our names.   We will be enjoying a wide range of stories and singing well known and new songs and rhymes.  We will be continuing to develop our listening skills through small group and whole class activities and games. 

This half term our learning is ‘All about me.’  This week the children have been looking at themselves in mirrors and have been encouraged to talk about their features.  They have also drawn self portraits.  Next week we will be reading ‘We are Family’ by Patricia Hegarty.  To help us with this, please could you post onto tapestry a family photo.  We can use this as a prompt to help your child to talk about who is in their family.

Hopefully you have been able to log into your child’s tapestry account and see some photos of their first week in Ducks or Ducklings class. We will post photos, videos and information on this platform for you.  You are welcome to share moments from your child’s life with us, you can do this by also posting on their account. We always love to find out and talk to them about what they are doing outside of school.

On Monday your child will bring home a school library book in their bookbag.  This will be a book they have chosen and will keep at home for a week.  Please share the book with your child and enjoy it together taking the time to re-read the book so that the children can familiarise themselves with the story and vocabulary.  The library book will need to be returned in their bag each Monday in order for them to choose a new book.

We love to celebrate achievements; small or huge.  If your child has had a ‘wow’ moment, we would love for them to share it with their class.  We will be sending home a set of wow slips for you to keep.  There is no expectation for them to be sent in during the next week, please wait to use them when your child impresses you.  Once completed, please send the form in with your child or in their bag, we can then celebrate and display them on our special ‘wow’ board.

A few reminders for you:

  • Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on everything they bring into school.  This allows us and your children to locate their items quickly and easily.  

Every day they need:

-The blue book bag

-A water bottle

- A coat

- A lunchbox (If they are joining us for lunch)

Their spare clothes and wipes should be in a blue drawstring bag and will stay in school.  If your child uses clothes from the bag, please send in replacements as soon as possible.

  • If your child is staying with us for lunch, please can you provide a drink in their lunch box.  This allows the water bottles to stay in the classroom and makes it easier for them to get ready for lunch.

  • We are always happy to talk to you at the door if you have any questions or information to pass onto us.  Please be mindful of the other children entering or leaving, and if possible wait until the end so as not to disrupt them.


We wish you a lovely weekend,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Mrs Hankinson, Miss Cameron and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers,

Your children have continued to impress us with their enthusiasm for coming to school.  They are settling into the daily routines and hopefully having lots of fun as they learn through play.  During our carpet sessions the children are practising sitting cross legged and are developing their listening skills.  In their choosing time, the children have been participating in a wide range of activities both inside and out.

Our learning theme for this half term is ‘All about me.’  Last week the children loved sharing the family photos you sent in.  They talked about who was in their family, describing each member and counting how many in the photo.  We talked about how families are different and learned about the names we give to our parents and grandparents.  This week we have been thinking about our homes.  We read ‘A house on every street’ by Jess Hichman, this inspired us to discuss the different types of homes that people might live in and the different rooms we have in our homes.  The children learnt a song about houses and used sign actions too. The children completed a craft activity to make their front door.  They were encouraged to think about what colour their door was and which numbers to stick onto their door.  They loved sticking a photo of themselves inside and pretending to answer the door!  Perhaps you could point out different front doors as you walk to and from school?  Look for the colour of the door, which numbers they see and anything else that they notice.

In our Maths learning, the children have been working on their matching skills.  We have practised matching buttons, clothing, numicon shapes and 2D shapes.   The children have also used 2D shapes to print paint with and to make shape pictures.  Photos of some of these activities will be on your child’s tapestry account for you to see.

Every week the children participate in listening activities to support them with their phonics learning. Last week the children went on a listening walk around school.  They loved looking out for older siblings and seeing more of the school.  The children were encouraged to pause quietly in places around school and talk about what they could hear.  This week the children have used musical instruments.  They have practised starting and stopping, playing fast and slow, and loud and quietly.  Every day we sing a variety of songs; the children loved playing their instruments along to some of their favourites.

A few reminders for you:

  • Please ensure your child brings a coat to school every day, particularly now that the weather has started to get cold.  During the nursery session the children have the opportunity to choose to play both inside and out.

  • If your child is sent home in clothes borrowed from the school, please can you ensure they are washed and returned as soon as possible.

  • We post photos, observations and updates on tapestry every week. You should have received login details.  Please make us aware if you cannot access tapestry and we will support you to log in.


We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Mrs Hankinson, Miss Cameron and Miss Perkins 


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had another busy fortnight in Ducks and Ducklings Classes.  The highlight for most of the children was the opportunity to share their nursery experience with you, their family members.  Thank you to all that were able to attend, the children loved you joining in with their play and activities as well as giving you the guided tour of our classroom.  It was wonderful to talk to so many parents/carers during the session.  If you did not get the chance to briefly discuss how your child has settled, please let one of the team know and we will arrange a time to talk.

Last week our theme based learning was about harvest.  The children learned that harvest is a time to say thank you for the food we eat.  We learned about the importance of harvest in history, before food was harvested throughout the year and imported from around the world.  The children had the opportunity to explore and name a variety of vegetables. It was lovely to hear them talk about vegetables they recognised and describe what they could see.  Later in the week we listened to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen.’ The children worked in small groups to act out the story using story cards.  The children were encouraged to join in with the repeated refrains from the story.  We discussed the lack of teamwork in the story and about how it is better to work together.  This week we read. ‘All bodies are good bodies.’  We sang songs to help us name our body parts and worked in groups to draw around our friends and label the body parts.  We then went on to talk about our five senses.  The children participated in activities to explore their senses.  They particularly enjoyed guessing the scents added to batches of playdough and blind tasting fruit.

In our Maths learning, for the last two weeks we have been practising the skill of sorting.  We began by sorting by colour, then by shape, size and type.  The children worked in groups to practically sort toys.  This week we have looked at sorting rules.  The children looked at objects sorted into two groups and tried to work out what the rule was for why the objects were in each group. Perhaps you could try doing some sorting whilst at home.  When given a selection of objects can your child make up their own rules to sort them?

This week the children have loved meeting our school pet; Floss the guinea pig.  They have learned a little about guinea pigs and enjoyed helping to feed and look after Floss.  Many of the children were happy to stroke and cuddle Floss.  You will have seen these photos on tapestry.  

A few reminders:

  • Next week we will be learning about the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn.  The children will participate in an Autumn walk on site, as well as exploring Autumnal natural resources.  If you are able to collect any conkers, leaves or acorns, then we would love to receive any contributions for the children to explore. 

  • Don’t forget to send in WOW slips when your child does something impressive at home.  We love to celebrate and the children love hearing us all cheer WOW to them!  If you need any more wow slips, please do ask at the door.

  • For the child’s comfort and safety, can you please ensure they are wearing appropriate shoes for school.  Wellies can be worn in if it is rainy, but children must have a pair of shoes or trainers to change into when in school.

  • Please make sure that children’s book bags are not too bulky.  The children put their bags into drawers and this can be quite tricky for them if they have too much in their bag or bulky keyrings.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Mrs Hankinson, Miss Cameron and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a wonderful half term, it has been lovely to hear about what the children did during the week.  We have been so impressed with how happy the children were to return and hope they enjoy all the new themes leading up to Christmas.

This week we begin our new theme for the half term, ‘Let’s Celebrate.’  Each week we will be learning about some of the seasonal celebrations as well as thinking about celebrating birthdays.

As we started the week on the 31st October, and we knew many of the children would be excited about Halloween, we did some Halloween themed activities on Tuesday.  We read ‘The Jolly Witch’ by Dick King Smith and ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.  The children drew and coloured pumpkin faces in the writing area, and made monsters at the creative table.  They enjoyed exploring pumpkins; helping to scoop and play with the pulp, flesh and seeds.  The children were encouraged to talk about what they could see and feel.

At the end of the week we have focussed on fireworks as part of our Bonfire Night learning.  The children have represented fireworks in different ways.  They experimented with chalks using new techniques. They used their fine motor skills to make a sticker firework scene and their own bodies; making firework noises and matching whole body movements.

In our Maths sessions we have now met Number one and Number two.  The children watched Numberblocks to introduce them to the numbers.  In the carpet sessions we have looked at what the numerals 1 and 2 look like.  The children have practised using their subitising skills to recognise if there were one or two spots or images on the board.  We have also been practising using our fingers to represent numbers.

We have focused on rhyme in our phonics learning this week.  The children have listened to familiar rhyming stories, being encouraged to join in with some of the rhyming words.  They also listened for rhyming words as Mrs Tree pretended to be a witch, making a spooky witches soup.

We have included a parent/carers guide to subitising with your email today.  You may not have heard of this concept, it is one we use on a daily basis to talk about number.  The expectation is for children to be able to subitise to three by the time they start the Reception Year.

A few reminders:

  • We use our outside area throughout the day and at times the children are able to free flow between inside and outside.  As the weather gets colder, please ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear including a warm coat.

  • Please check tapestry for updates on the children’s learning and experiences.  Feel free to upload to your child’s page.  We love to find out what they do out of school and we can share with the rest of the class.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Miss Cameron, Mrs Hankinson and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been another busy fortnight in Nursery. Last week the children learnt about Diwali, the festival of light.  We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and learnt how the Hindu community celebrate.  The children participated in a range of themed activities including using their knowledge of shape and pattern to complete rangoli puzzles. At the end of the week the children participated in a whole school two minutes silence to mark Remembrance Day.  We talked about why we remember and why poppies are worn.  The children made their own poppies in class, choosing from a range of ways to represent a poppy.  Photos of these were put on tapestry for you.

This week started with Odd Socks Day as the school participated in anti-bullying week.  In Nursery we focussed on kindness and friendship.  We talked about how and why we should be kind and a good friend.  We agreed that we are all friends in our classroom and we should include everyone in our games.  We did a friendship quiz and the children all proved to be good friends.  Can your child remember some of the things we talked about?  We ended the week with Children in Need.  The children enjoyed wearing their spotty clothes and participating in a variety of fun spotty themed activities.  We thank you for your generosity towards this appeal. 

This week has also been World Nursery Rhyme Week.  We have followed the five set nursery rhymes, with the children singing and joining in with activities linked to each one.  More detail of the rhymes, plus photos and videos have been posted on tapestry for you.

Next week our learning will be based upon birthday celebrations.  To support your child in talking about birthdays, please can you post on tapestry a photo of your child celebrating their most recent birthday.  It would also be great if you could share the photos with your child and prompt them to be able to talk about how they celebrated. The photos will need to be uploaded by Wednesday 22nd November, ready for discussions on Thursday.

In our Maths sessions we continued to learn about number two last week. The children looked at the numeral two as well as how to add one more to make two and to take one away from three to make two.  This week we have started looking at repeating patterns.  The children have looked at ABAB patterns, eg red, blue, red, blue or stick, stone, stick, stone.  We will continue with our pattern learning next week.

The Nursery children have already begun to learn some new songs which they will perform in the Christmas performances in December.  

If your child attends morning sessions only, then please come to see them on either; Tuesday 12th December at 9.00am or Wednesday 13th December at 10.30am

If your child attends afternoon sessions only, then please come to see them on

Tuesday 12th December at 2.30pm 

If your child attends both morning and afternoon sessions, then you are welcome to come and see them on Tuesday 12th December 9.00am or Wednesday 13th December 10.30am, as well as on Tuesday 12th December at 2.30pm

A few reminders:

  • Every Friday the children have the opportunity to bring in items for show and tell.  It is a super opportunity for the children to share items from home and practise their speaking and listening skills.  It would be wonderful for more children to participate, particularly if they haven’t already.

  • Your child may bring home drawings, artwork and their creations in the book bag.  Please can we ask you to keep these at home.  This makes it easier for us to check the bags for any messages and allows the children to fit their bags into their drawers.

  • If your child is sent home in spare clothing and footwear belonging to the school, please ensure you return it as soon as you can.

  • Please check tapestry for updates on the children’s learning and experiences.  Feel free to upload to your child’s page.  We love to find out what they do out of school and we can share with the rest of the class.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Miss Cameron, Mrs Hankinson and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers

It has been another busy fortnight of learning and playing in Nursery.  A huge highlight for the children was the stay and play last week.  Thank you so much to all of you that were able to attend.  The children loved showing you their learning environment and we hope you enjoyed a glimpse into their world in Ducks and Ducklings Classes.

Our theme learning has been around birthdays for the last two weeks.  The focus books have been ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ by Mike Inkpen and ‘The best Birthday present ever’ by Ben Mantle. We talked about the month and season that a child's birthdays are in, and who is three or four.  The children loved sharing photographs of them celebrating their most recent birthdays; we encouraged the children to recall how they celebrated.  This week ended with a magic moment as we threw a birthday party for Barnaby and Bethany Bear, who are class teddies from the reception classes.  The children helped Barnaby and Bethany by writing invitations to each other so we were all invited to the party. On Thursday we baked cupcakes and decorated them on Friday.  The party was so much fun; with party games, singing happy birthday and our party tea.

Last week in our maths learning we continued with repeating patterns.  The children made party hats; using two colours to decorate and practise repeating patterns.  This week we have been using five frames.  The children played a game where they invited teddy guests to a party and used a five frame to represent how many were there.  The children were encouraged to notice what they could see on the five frames, for example; there are three spaces full and two that are empty.  We have posted on Tapestry more information about five frames and how we use them in Nursery.

Last week the children used social stories to think about how we share, ask for help and use our manners when in Nursery.  We talked about some scenarios and what each child could say or do in the situation.  The children learnt some phrases to use when sharing and asking for help.  The adults were really impressed with how the children remembered to use these as well as their manners in the following sessions.  Is your child able to remember what to do if they want something that another child has, what could they say and do?  

We are always looking for opportunities to encourage the children to develop their speaking and listening skills.  The children love show and tell on Fridays and it has been wonderful this week for them to share their weekend news.  To support the children, we model sentence starters, for example ‘At the weekend I.’ It is important for the children to begin to speak clearly and use full sentences which make sense.  Thank you for your support with adding photos on Tapestry.  These are super prompts for the children to talk and to help us to prompt them.

A few reminders:

  • Please can children bring in named hats, scarves and gloves.  We use the garden all through the winter and it is important that the children are as warm as they can be.

  • If your child’s clothing is changed in school, please can you send clothing back in so their change bag can be replenished.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Mrs Hankinson, Miss Cameron and Miss Perkins 


Dear Parents/Carers

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the Autumn Term, where has the time gone?  Well the highlight of this week has to be the Christmas performances.  I am sure you will agree that both the morning and afternoon performances were incredible.  The children truly impressed us with their ability to remember all the words and actions, as well as perform with such confidence and enthusiasm.  Thank you so much for being such a wonderful audience, the children loved having you all there!

Over the last two weeks our learning theme has been around Christmas.  The children have helped to decorate the classrooms by decorating baubles for the tree and colouring pictures to be displayed.  The role play area has been changed into a Christmas home and Santa’s workshop. The children have also enjoyed exploring the Christmas theme table and some themed tuff trays.  Last week we thought about British Christmas traditions, as well as traditions from other parts of the world.  We learnt about Advent and the children enjoyed sharing how they plan to get ready for Christmas.   This week we listened to the Nativity story and learned the significance of Christmas for Christians.  The children were supported to name the characters, sequence the story and retell parts in their own words.

In our maths learning we continued with using five frames.  We sang familiar number rhymes and used five frames and counters to represent the numbers.  We then went on to look at Christmas themed characters.  The children were asked ‘What do you notice?’; the children were encouraged to subitise and talk about the patterns that they could see, for example, ‘there are two elves on that side and two on the other.’

Next Tuesday, 19th December, we are planning a Nursery Christmas party.  The children who only attend in the mornings have been invited to stay all day for the party in the afternoon.  As of January, all the children will be in Ducks Class and will be together every morning, so this is a nice opportunity for them to be together. We have planned some party games and activities to make it fun.  If your child would like to wear party clothes on this day then that would be lovely, please remember that we will still use the garden, so suitable footwear is still needed. Thank you so much to all of you that have completed the sign up sheet to donate some party food. 

A few reminders:

  • On Monday we will be collecting in library books.  Please ensure your child has theirs in their book bag.

  • On Monday we will be sending home your child’s Christmas art work.  Please can you help us by sending in a named carrier bag for them to carry their work home in.  It just needs to be big enough to fit an A4 sized book in.

  • We will also be sending home your child’s drawstring bag.  Please can you ensure it is replenished, if needed, and return on the first day back in January.

  • We use tapestry to communicate some messages home.  If you have any issues with accessing tapestry, please do let us know and we will try to support you.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree, Mrs Bidgood, Mrs Hankinson, Miss Cameron and Miss Perkins  

Class News Spring Term 2024


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Spring Term, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.  It has been lovely to hear about the children’s Christmas holidays, thank you for sharing photos with us on tapestry.  The children have settled so quickly back into school life.  The children have been getting used to being part of a bigger class as the Ducklings have now become Ducks and have joined the morning sessions. There have been new names for the children to learn as well as new routines which happen in the mornings. You will notice a lack of tapestry posts this week as the staff spend more time supporting the children with their social interactions and with following the class rules.

For this half term our learning theme is ‘Above and below.’  This week the children have been encouraged to think about wheels.  The children were told that the story for the week was called ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. They were shown part of the front cover and could not see the illustration.  We brainstormed different modes of transport that use wheels.  The children thought of lots of ideas and went on to build, draw and model different wheeled vehicles.  We finally read the story and discovered that Mrs Armitage rode a bicycle.  Mrs Armitage tried to improve her bike by adding different items.  The children traced and coloured in pictures of bikes and were encouraged to think about what they could add to improve their bike.

In Maths, the children have been learning about number three.  They have practised recognising the numeral and showing on fingers.  The children have been shown groups of spots and objects and encouraged to subitise to say how many there are. They have looked at patterns made by three objects and how a group of two and one make three.

This week has been extremely exciting for the Ducks Class who have started their formal phonics learning with their first Read Write Inc session.  Each week the children will be taught a new sound; how to say, read and form the sound. They will also review previous sounds and learn to orally blend and segment words with the help of Fred (the frog) who only says the sounds in words.  On a daily basis children will practise the sounds learnt and will continue with phonics activities to support their listening and pre-reading skills. This week our sound has been ‘m,’ please look and listen for words starting with this sound to talk about with your child.  Also look out for the letter ‘m,’ in books, signs and in the environment. 

The sounds taught will be;

W/C  8.1.24 – m

W/C 15.1.24 – a

W/C 22.1.24 – s

W/C 29.1.24 – d

W/C 05.02.24 -t

W/C 12.2.24 - i 


  • Library is on a Monday, please ensure your child has their library book so we can help them to change and choose a new one.

  • Please send in WOW slips when your child impresses you.  We love to share these as a class and display them.  We have blank slips by the classroom door so please ask if you require more.

  • If you do need to speak to us at the end of the day, please can you wait for us to dismiss the children, then we will be happy to talk to you.

Kind regards,

Mrs Tree, Miss Swan, Mrs Bidgood, Miss Cameron, Mrs Hankinson and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers,

What a busy few weeks it has been!  The staff and children have been delighted to welcome Miss Swan back and we thank you for your patience as she learns all of your faces at the door.  It was wonderful to meet with so many of you at the learning review meetings. Hopefully any of your questions were answered, but if you do ever need to speak to us, staff are always happy to talk to you at the classroom door.  Please remember that you may need to wait and allow children to be dropped off or collected first.

The children are still enjoying our learning theme ‘Above and below.’  In previous weeks we followed clues to work out that our focus was on buses. We read the story ‘The Naughty Bus,’ and we talked about what happens when you catch a bus. The children worked in small groups to act out bus stories using happy land characters. Later in the week we looked at maps.  Mrs Tree modelled using some positional language to talk about the journey a bus went on around her map.  The children drew landmarks onto their own maps and were encouraged to talk about their map and the journeys their bus could go on.  Next our learning was about air travel.  We started the week with the story ‘amazing aeroplanes,’ and looked at tapestry posts of children’s flights.  The children did some plane tracing and colouring in groups, this was a nice opportunity for the children to talk about and listen to experiences of planes.  At the end of the week we used planes to show our understanding of positional language.  The children used small planes and followed instructions to fly their planes.  We used language such as above, on top, below, underneath, through and between. Last week the children heard the story ‘zoom rocket zoom,’ and we learned about rockets and space shuttles.  The children enjoyed singing space themed songs and used their fine motor skills to trace lines to launch their rockets into space.  The children practised naming 2D shapes as they made rocket pictures and loved using playdough which looked like the night’s sky.  This week the children began a junk modelling project.  Over this week and the next, all the children will work with an adult to make a model of a mode of transport.  The children will be practising skills and learning techniques to help them to independently make their own models.

This week the children have learnt about Lunar New Year.  They heard the story of ‘The Great Race,’ and learnt about the order of the animals in the Chinese zodiac.   They learnt that this year is the year of the dragon.  The children enjoyed lots of themed activities.

In Maths, the children have continued their learning about numbers three and four.  They are getting so good at showing one, two, three and four using their fingers.  They are now practising using both hands to find different ways to show numbers.  The children have been working on their understanding of composition of number, this is the different ways to make a number.   The children played a beanbag game to identify the composition of three. They threw three beanbags towards a hoop and talked about how many of the three went in and how many didn’t.  Then last week the children were challenged to show four in different ways; the children made towers of four, found numerals, numicon and spots. This week we have started our learning about five.  The children have been looking for the numeral five and worked on counting five objects. The children have also been busy with shape hunting.  We talked about squares and rectangles having four sides, then the children were challenged to spot squares and rectangles around the classroom and garden.

The children have been doing so well with their Read, Write, Inc sessions.   They have now learned the sounds m,a,s,d and t and continue to practise reading these from flashcards every day.  The children have also taken part in colouring, cutting and carpet games to support their phonics skills.

We also  enjoyed looking after Floss, our school guinea pig.  Lots of the children enjoyed cuddles and petting her. The children asked lots of interesting questions as they found out a little more about the life of a guinea pig.  Floss was so lucky as the children drew her some lovely pictures too.  We look forward to our next turn with her. 


  • Please ensure that your child’s belongings are labelled with their name. We have had a lot of water bottled with no names on and this can make it difficult to reunite with the correct child.

  • We are trialling having our library session on a Tuesday, please ensure your child has their library book so we can help them to change and choose a new one.

  • PE is also on a Tuesday, please send your child into school with appropriate clothing and footwear.

  • With the cold Winter weather, please ensure your child has a warm coat in school.  We also recommend the children having a warm hat and gloves as they go outside every day.  When the children remove their coats we instruct them to put the gloves in their pockets, you could help us by popping their gloves in their pockets just before they come in.  We also instruct them to put scarves and hats inside their coat sleeve.  This helps to stop clothing falling on the floor and becoming lost when hung in the cloakroom.  Please can you help by ensuring all clothing is named and by avoiding putting hats and scarfs in their book bags.

Kind regards,

Mrs Tree, Miss Swan, Mrs Bidgood, Miss Cameron, Mrs Hankinson and Miss Perkins


Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring term. We are now half way through the academic year; it really has whizzed by! We hope you all enjoyed a lovely half term break and were able to spend some quality time together. It was lovely to see so many of the children sharing their weekend/half term news with their classmates and the photos and videos that had been attached. We really enjoy seeing the children’s faces light up and listening to them speaking so enthusiastically when it is their turn to share their news so thank you for continuing to upload to Tapestry weekly to support your child with their confidence and communication.

We ended last term’s ‘Above and Below’ theme with the children enjoying bringing in their own scooters to ride in the playground. Before we went outside, we discussed how a scooter is a form of transport and noted that some of the scooters had 3 wheels whilst others had 2. The children were very good at explaining how we can keep safe when riding them. It was so pleasing to see the children riding carefully and sensibly; reflecting their super listening and behaviour. The children really did have great fun and so did we watching them!

This week we have begun our new theme: ‘Tell me story’. Our focus text this week has been ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch’. The children enjoyed listening to the story of how Mr and Mrs Grinling stopped the naughty seagulls from eating Mr Grinling’s lunch. Can your child tell you anything about the story events? What is the special building in the story? Following this we looked at various pictures of different lighthouses and discussed their features and what special job a lighthouse has. One of the follow on activities was making their own lighthouses using paper and card. They were challenged to use the colours of red and white to make a repeated pattern lighthouse, just like Mr Grinling’s! However, they were not allowed to cut the paper to make the lighthouse stripes; they could only tear/rip it. This activity focussed the children’s fine motor and maths skills whilst also providing an opportunity to recall the story and the purpose of a lighthouse. Tearing proved to be a little tricky for some fingers so this type of activity would be a great one to do at home with coloured paper or scraps of paper to make a picture. If you try it, send the ‘torn’ picture in or attach a photo to Tapestry!

Also this week the children have been exposed to the ‘n’ sound and letter. The children may refer to the letter as ‘nobby and his net’ due to the letter formation. Can your child identify any words beginning with the ‘n’ sound?

Maths learning has centered around the number 6; counting to six, recognising the numeral and composing 6 (ways to make 6). The children sang the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a song of sixpence’ and were disgusted to learn that the king in the song wanted to eat blackbird pies! We enjoyed counting out 6 pennies to buy our pies using a ‘king’s voice’ and a ‘queen’s voice’. The children are also improving their subitizing skills through recognising amounts on a 10 frame and saying how many there are by looking at the pattern/placement rather than counting individually.

Next week our key text will be ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson.


  • World Book Day is Thursday 7th March 2024 and we are looking forward to celebrating. We would like the children and staff to come in to school dressed ready for a bedtime story. Pyjamas, onesies, dressing gowns and slippers are all welcome so that the children can be comfortable during our 'Stop, Drop and Read' sessions!

Children are also welcome to bring in a favourite book from home if they have one or this could be one that they are currently reading to share during 'Book Club' in school. 

A reminder that the book fair, where children can purchase books, will still be in school on Monday 4th March

  • Our spare clothes supply is depleting quite quickly due to clothes and plimsoles not being returned. Please can you ensure that if your child has had an accident and they have been changed into school clothes, that these items are returned at your earliest convenience. On this note, all children should have their own change of clothes bag that is kept in school for us to use if a change is required. If you need to check that your child has one or if it needs replenishing, please just ask a member of the nursery staff who will be happy to help; thank you in advance.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

The Nursery staff


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend with your family, especially you lovely mummies! Hopefully your children allowed you to have a lie in and breakfast in bed for a ‘Mother’s Day’ treat! The children thoroughly enjoyed and took great care and pride in making their Mother’s Day card so we hope you enjoyed receiving your keepsake craft.

As many of you will have seen on Tapestry, last week the nursery children enjoyed taking part in the whole school event of ‘World Book Day’. The morning children began their day by joining the rest of the school in a special assembly to introduce the day. They did so well sitting and listening and they displayed great behaviour; Mrs Lang even commented on how well they did! The text focus was the book ‘Tuesday’. We soon found out that there were no words to read so we used our imaginations and inference skills to think about what the pictures were showing and re-told the story in our own words. We followed this by watching an animation clip of the story. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching this and it helped many of them to secure their understanding of the events taking place. Following this, the children were asked what their favourite part of the story was and their responses were recorded. It was wonderful to hear so many of the children share their thoughts and attempt to use ‘because’ to explain why. The pigs flying at the end of the story proved to be quite popular as did the part when frogs watched television in the lady’s house whilst she was sleeping. Was your child able to tell you about the story? 

This week our main theme learning has centred around another whole school event of ‘Science Week’ and the concept of ‘time’. In nursery, we have had a wonderful week of science learning focussed on … apples! We began by learning about where apples come from and how they grow. Lots of nursery ‘scientists’ used their thinking skills of ‘observation’ when using their senses to describe the apples shape, size and colour, texture and smell. The children also ‘classified’ the apples by sorting them into various groups. Another activity involved the children using their sense of taste to compare four different types of apple. They were: golden delicious, braeburn, granny smith and pink lady. Before they tasted them they were tasked with cutting/chopping apple slices into pieces. The children listened carefully to the instructions about how to handle a knife safely and they were all successful in cutting their apples. Lots of language was used to describe the apples’ taste. We concluded that the ‘pink lady’ was our favourite tasting apple! Look out for more pictures on Tapestry. Other ‘apple’ themed activities included using various apples in balance scales to compare weight and printing using cut apples and paint.

Using these varieties of apples, we have decided to conduct a science investigation. Each apple was cut in half and placed into a clear plastic bag and we will use our observation skills to observe what happens to the apples over a period of time. The children enjoyed making initial predictions. Some of these included:

"I think it will change shape"

"I think it's going to get bigger and bigger"

"I think the colour will change"

We shall see over the next few days what happens to the apples. What does your child predict will happen?

Lots of lovely texts have been read this week to help and extend our learning about apples too. These included ‘Bad apple’ and ‘The mouse’s apples’. The children really enjoyed ‘Bad Apple’ and many were able to join in with reading the text as there were lots of opportunities to say rhyming words. Can your child tell you why the apple was bad and what happened to bad apple at the end of the story? ‘The mouse’s apples’ aided our thinking and understanding of our school's focus value of ‘peace’ alongside many other values. We heard about a little mouse who had collected four yummy, differently coloured apples and was looking forward to eating them until a shadow approached and took away the apples. Can your child tell you who’s shadow it was? What did the bear do? What did the mouse do? We decided that the mouse was kind and wanted to share which would help them to be friends which creates peace.

Finally, today we have had great fun joining in with ‘Red Nose Day 2024’ (RND). The children enjoyed taking part in various RND activities so look out for more information and photos on Tapestry!

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Kind regards,

The Nursery team


Dear Parents/Carers,

Here we are again; we have come to the end of yet another wonderful term and what a great term it has been. The children have enjoyed so many learning opportunities, including building relationships and developing their confidence.

Last week we ended our ‘Tell me a story’ theme by reading the very popular and well known story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. The children loved this story and the journey the caterpillar went on to quash his ever growing appetite. As many of you will have seen on Tapestry, the children were tasked with ordering the events of the story through what the caterpillar did each day. Our ‘Days of the week’ song we sing each day was applied well to help the children to work out which day came next/check the order; they also enjoyed recalling the different foods that the caterpillar munched on and comparing them to the foods they like to eat too!

Another popular activity was learning about the ‘life cycle’ of a butterfly. Again, we used the story to help us understand the order and process of how a butterfly begins its life and the changes it makes on its way to becoming a butterfly. We learnt about the  four main stages that it undertakes. Can your child recall any of the stages? (egg, caterpillar, cocoon/chrysalis, butterfly). To show their learning and understanding, the children were tasked with making their very own ‘hungry caterpillar’ with the 4 stages of the life cycle reflected in the links of the caterpillar’s body. Check earlier Tapestry posts to see the images.

This week we have moved on to learning about Easter and signs of Spring. Lots of children knew that at Easter time, chocolate eggs are given or found during an Easter egg hunt. Many children are looking forward to the Easter bunny delivering eggs too! We listened to the Christian story of Easter and found out that Jesus, who was born at Christmas, died at Easter but arose to be with God in Heaven. As you can imagine, this was very perplexing for children as they couldn’t quite grasp that when Jesus died he was an adult and not a baby that we had only learnt about a few months before! Other Easter related activities have included decorating eggs using different materials, sorting and matching tops and bottoms of various eggs and counting out various amounts of eggs to be put in numbered baskets. It is great to see the children’s maths understanding and reasoning skills developing so that they are able to explain ‘how they know’ or ‘what they notice’. 

Next term we look forward to playing,learning and exploring in our new outside area. We will share more information with pictures through Tapestry on our return to school.

We wish you and your family a lovely and hopefully sunny Easter break.

Kind regards,

The Nursery Team


Your child will have brought home their blue change bag. Please can we ask that these be replenished as required. Items to include - Tops/T-shirts, bottoms (leggings/trousers), socks, pants/knickers, flushable wet wipes. Thank you! 

Class News Summer Term 2024


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break, we have loved hearing from the children about the adventures they have had during their time away from school.  We would like to welcome you back for the Summer Term and the final term in Ducks Class.

Last week we welcomed the children back, a main focus was reinforcing the class rules and expectations.  We have enjoyed giving out lots of stickers and praise to children who made good behaviour choices and demonstrated that they could follow our rules.  The children showed continued confidence and independence in accessing a range of activities and playing cooperatively. It was lovely to see the children who stay for the afternoon session welcoming the new children so nicely.  Our focus for the week was the children sharing their holiday news.  Each child had the opportunity to talk and share photos.  We encouraged the children to talk using full sentences and to answer questions.

This week our new playground was officially opened by the Mayor.  The children enjoyed the opening ceremony and performed a thank you song with the children from Reception. Throughout the week the children have been climbing, swinging and using the pulley system in the sand pit. It is wonderful that they will have so much fun whilst developing their gross motor skills.

This week we started our new theme for the half term, ‘Down on the Farm.’ Together we read the book ‘Frank the farmer’ which gave us a little insight into the various jobs a farmer and other farm workers do on a farm. Lots of children were able to share their experiences of visiting a farm such as to Mead Open farm and Woodside Animal farm. We were able to name various animals that might be found on a farm and also where they live and spend a lot of their time. Some activities linked to our farm learning have included painting a farm animal, ‘milking’ a cow and cutting and sticking farm animals. Look out for more details of some of these activities on Tapestry.

Last week in our Maths learning the children worked on their sequencing skills. They used the nursery rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider,’ a morning routine, and the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ to practise putting pictures in the correct order to make sure they make sense.  The children showed an understanding of the vocabulary; first, after that, next, before and finally.  Some children were also able to use some of these words to talk about their sequencing work.  This week we have focused on positional language. The children have completed a range of activities to support their understanding of the words on, under, in, out, in front and behind. 

This week the children learned about the letter k in their Read, Write Inc lesson.  We continue to use flashcards on a daily basis to expose them to all of the sounds taught so far.  This is called speed sounds and we have been so impressed with the children’s enthusiasm in doing this.  The sounds they have been taught so far are; m,a,s,d,t,i,n,p,g,o,c,k.  Look out for these lower case letters in books, signs and out and about.  Can your children tell you the sound to match the letter?  If you would like more information about Read, Write Inc and your child’s journey with phonics.  There is training available on the school website.


A few reminders:

  • Please ensure your child’s water bottle is labelled with their name and that they recognise it. Sometimes a sticker can help with this. We have identical and similar water bottles in Nursery which can be easily mixed up unless the children are sure of which is theirs. 

  • Please can you ensure your child has their blue drawstring bag in school and that it has spare clothing.  The children participate in water and messy play and sometimes will need to change into clean, dry clothes.

  • We love sharing your children’s WOW moments.  We have WOW certificates at the classroom door so please ask if you need extras.

  • If you need someone different to collect your child, please email the school office or speak to us at the door to let us know.  It is also important that you ensure they know the password which they will need to tell us before we let your child leave with them.

We hope you enjoy a lovely weekend,

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree and the Nursery team


Dear Parents/Carers,

What a lovely fortnight we have had in the nursery!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning about the farm and so many of them have taken the opportunity to share with the class their own experiences of the farm. We seem to have an abundance of animal lovers in the setting so it was great to hear from them about their own trips to the farm and the animals seen there. 

Lots of various activities have been enjoyed by the children which you may have seen from your child’s Tapestry uploads. Some have included painting a picture of their favourite animal/thing to do or see at the farm. This activity encouraged the children to think carefully about their colour choice and allowed for discussions, with the supporting adult, about not actually choosing their favourite colour to paint with but rather imagining the animal and/or looking at the photos to identify which colours are appropriate for their picture.

Another painting activity was the children creating a pig face. The children were tasked with selecting the colours they thought would make pink. Can your child recall what 2 colours make pink when they are mixed together? With their pink creation, they sponged a paper plate and when that was dry they then were challenged to independently apply the features of a pig’s face. Their outcomes are very sweet and many could be described as ‘abstract’!

Our maths learning over the past couple of weeks has included learning about more positions. So far we have covered the position of:

  • In front

  • Behind

  • In

  • out

Can your child demonstrate their understanding of these positions using a chosen object? Or perhaps you could place an object somewhere and ask your child to say what its position is? 

This week we have been learning about shapes and have focussed on the 2D (two-dimensional) shapes of circles, triangles and rectangles. We discussed how we know what shape it is by identifying the shapes’ properties. Can your child identify and count how many sides and corners they have and if they are straight or curved?

Yesterday, the children were so excited to receive a visit from a mobile farm. We were so impressed with how well they behaved themselves and how well they listened to the lady’s information. She even commented on how well they were able to answer her questions - well done children! Did your child tell you which animals came to visit us? The children really did LOVE the experience!

Next week we will be continuing with our ‘Down on the farm’ theme and we will be learning about more jobs that take place on the farm such as planting and gathering crops.


*Please ensure your child has a sun hat in school and sun lotion applied before they come to school on sunny warm/hot days

*When the weather is as lovely as it has been of late, we try to make sure there is a water activity for the children to play with outside. Please can we request that your child has spare clothing in their bags so that we can change them as required. We do have a very small selection of spare clothing but due to items not being returned it has diminished quite  considerably. If you are unsure of what is in your child’s change bag then please ask a member of staff who will be happy to pass their bag over.

* Lastly, please could we request that children do not come to school wearing jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets as these can pose a health and safety issue, especially when playing on the new equipment.

*We would be very grateful to receive any donations of tissues for use in the classroom

Thank you in advance.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Swan, Mrs Tree and the Nursery team