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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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What additional support for learning is provided?

We provide reasonable adjustments to the learning environment and to the quality first teaching received by all children. 

For example, by providing additional visual resources, pauses for additional processing time, specialist equipment etc.  We also provide group interventions to target the acquisition of key skills. 

These groups may be focussed on academic learning e.g. phonics, spelling or maths skill focussed or on social and emotional aspects of learning.  We also provide more specialised 1:1 and group interventions as advised by external agencies we work with.  These may include speech and language intervention, physiotherapy intervention and occupational therapy intervention. These groups are usually run by school staff who have been trained by the external service recommending the intervention, however sometimes, they are run by external professionals. For example, this academic year, some children benefitted from a music therapy programme run by CHUMS.  As much intervention as possible is delivered in class or during a specifically identified time in the day so children are not taken out of lessons. On rare occasions where this is not possible, teachers work with the child to ensure that they do not develop further gaps in their learning eg by rotating lessons so the same subject is not always missed or by spending time at the beginning of the next lesson with the child to ensure they have all the knowledge and skills required for the lesson.