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How do we consult with and involve parents/carers and pupils?

Working collaboratively with parents/carers and pupils is very important to all staff members at Lark Rise Academy. 

Children's views are gathered through the creation of One Page Profiles which detail their likes, what other people think about them and how they like to be supported. These views are considered during meetings with parents/carers to review and plan the next steps of the child's SEND support. 

These meetings are held termly for children in Key Stage One and Two and every 6-8 weeks for children in the Early Years. 

Parents/carers’ views are always listened to, recorded and respected during these meetings to collaboratively agree appropriate support for the child.  In line with this timescale, conversations are held with children to gather their views about how they would like to be supported.  The format of these conversations is dependent on the child's age and stage of development.  A child with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) will have this plan reviewed annually in Key Stage One and Two or twice a year in the Early Years.  Parents/carers' and childrens' views are gathered before the meetings and parents/carers are invited to fully participate in the review meeting.  This meeting is in addition to the child’s SEND Support Plan meetings.  Aside from these scheduled meetings, parents/carers can contact school staff via telephone, email or in person for advice or support. We operate an open door policy at Lark Rise Academy.